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  • Follow when, where and from which device your QR Codes have been scanned.

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    Create a free Mobile Business Card to make sure that

    • - your QR Code is readable on all devices
    • - you can add your image or company logo
    • - you can edit the contact information without printing the QR Code again
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    Static vCard QR Code

    Creating vCard QR Codes on our site is permitted for commercial purposes.

    Caution: Due to the high density of information, the static vCard QR Codes may not always be readable by a QR Code Scanner and the content can not be changed after printing.

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Hint: You are using an URL that is too long

QR codes with long URLs can be decoded less by your Smartphone than shortened URLs. Create a free account to create optimally-readable QR codes with your URL automatically shortened.

app qr code

Hint: Use App QR Codes

If you have an App in the Apple and Google Play Store you need just one QR Code. Users with an iPhone or iPad get redirected to the Apple Store and Android devices to the Google Play Store by scanning the same QR Code.

Create APP QR Code

Static QR Code


Create your free Designer QR Code with your logo.

 dynamic qr-code

Change the URL anytime without reprinting the QR Code

Download QR Code
Download QR Code
  • Vector

  • download qr code eps
  • download qr code pdf
  • download qr code svg

  • Web

  • download qr code png
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QR Code Guide

Must-read before
using QR Codes

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Fact Sheet

Free QR Code Manager

Our QR Code platform is an all-in-one solution to help you in creating successful mobile marketing campaigns. You can track who scans your QR Codes and analyze your audience to optimize your advertising strategy.

QR Codes are free for commercial use and will never expire.

Enterprise Solution for Agencies and Marketers

Our QR Code Manager is available as a fully private-labeled platform. Your customers will never know we exist, so you can take all the credit! Just link your domain to our server and provide us with your Logo and Brand Name to get started.

White Label QR Code Manager
gdpr compliant

GDPR & CCPA compliant

You are in good company

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Use Dynamic QR Codes

Generate a dynamic QR Code and link the code to any website. You may change the target URL of a QR Code anytime - the QR Code stays the same, so there is no need to print the code again. Register a free account to manage your first dynamic QR Code.

Edit an URL of a dynamic QR Code

Design your QR Codes with your own colours, shapes and logo to match your corporate identity. Designer QR Codes are easy to create without any photo editing software in our platform with lots of custom design options.

Designer QR Code

Get Scanning Analytics

QR Code Tracking

When a QR Code is scanned you will get detailed analytics about the number of unique visitors, the total number of scans, the age of the QR Code, the average scan rate per day and detailed information about each request like scanning device, location and scan time.

Learn more about QR Code Analytics

Track your Visitors

GPS HTML5 tracking

Our QR Code generator allows you detailed tracking of your visitors by requesting the location from a user's phone. Use this feature if you want to know, where the QR Codes on your distributed promotional material were scanned.

Learn more about QR Code GPS tracking

Print Vector QR Codes

You can download your QR Codes in various formats. They are available as hi-res and scalable vector graphics in SVG, EPS and PDF format.

You can print Vector QR Codes in any size on small business cards or huge posters.

qr code format eps svg pdf

Batch QR Codes

In the batch creator you can generate mass QR Codes with just one click. Each QR Code is personalized. This is accomplished by encoding a unique id in each QR Code.

export qr codes

Batch QR Code Generator

The Landing Page behind the QR Code

Landing Page QR Codes

Generate a mobile-friendly landing page "behind" the QR Code. They are easy to create and your customers will have a great user experience after scanning the QR Code. For example generate mobile coupons to drive more customers to your business or promote your real estates by creating a landing page with information about the object and pictures.

Generate Custom
Shortened URLs

qrd°by automatically shortens a long URL when creating a trackable QR Code. Shortened URLs contain a non-human-readable string by default. e.g.

However, you can set a customized URL instead:

Those URLs are called Vanity URLs.

You will gain a user's trust, if he sees a customized URL instead of a random value. By setting a custom URL, you can also give the user a notion of what awaits him after scanning the code.

You can completely brand the URL with your own domain, by using our Whitelabel QR Code Platform

Get Notified on Scan

scan alert

If you activate this feature, you will get E-Mail notifications whenever one of your QR codes is scanned, including information about the QR code's id and location. This helps you to catch up with potential customers that might be in your vicinity when scanning the code.

Learn more about Scan notifications

Schedule Redirects

scheduled qr code redirects

You can set how often and at which time a user is redirected to a specific landing page, after he scanned the QR Code. Use this feature if you want to automatically schedule the target URLs of your QR Codes. The scheduler automatically adapts to the time zone of the user.

Schedule a QR Code

Organize & Archive

By creating lot's of QR Code campaigns you might lose track at some point. You can easily organize and archive your QR Codes in folders per drag & drop.

QR Code Organisation in Folders

Export your Data

Export your statistics of all your QR Codes with the creation date, first & last scan date, the number of scans, the number of unique visitors.

export QR Code scans in csv file

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