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PDF QR Code Generator

Create scaleable QR Codes and download them in printable PDF format.


When using a link in a QR Code always write http:// or https:// before the URL. In some QR Code Readers the QR Code will not open the URL in the browser, if there is no protocol.

QR Code Guide

QR Code Guide

Read Checklist before using this QR Code
Level L: 7 % of the QR Code may be damaged to be reconstructed. Level M: 15 % of the QR Code may be damaged to be reconstructed. Level Q: 25 % of the QR Code may be damaged to be reconstructed. Level H: 30 % of the QR Code may be damaged to be reconstructed.

Hint: Use App QR Codes

Create a QR Code that does a device depending redirect. For example: If you have an App in the Apple and Google Play Store you need just one QR Code. Users with an iPhone or iPad get redirected to the Apple Store and Android devices to the Google Play Store by scanning the same QR Code.


Use our Mobile Coupon Generator

Create a mobile coupon for your customers. They can show the coupon in your shop to get a free drink or a discount on their purchase. The coupon is shown on the mobile phone's browser, you don't need an extra app.

Mobile Coupons

Caution: vCard QR Codes have limited space and they are static

Instead using a static vCard create a free Mobile Business Card. You can add unlimited details like your logo, links to your social networks, YouTube videos and much more. And mobile business cards are dynamic - when you change your contact information, you don't have to print your QR Code again.

Create QR Code Business Card

Digital Business Cards for Agents

Create a digital business card for real estate agents. On top of your contact data you can add your logo, links to your social networks, YouTube videos and much more.

QR Code Business Cards
Shortend URL

We can shorten and track URLs too!

You can create trackable QR Codes on our platform that will automatically shorten your target URL. Moreover you can track who, where and when your QR Codes have been scanned.

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When you are a multi-national corporation, you may want to deliver different content to specific countries. With Geo-targeting you can create QR Codes with Multi-URLs that redirect the user to a specific website depending from which country he is scanning the QR Code.

Download QR Code

This static QR Code is free for commercial use and does not expire.

QR Code for PDF File

You can upload a PDF document and create a PDF QR Code that will link to your uploaded file. So, when a user scans the QR Code he can view the PDF document on his Smartphone.

PDF QR Code for Restaurants

As an alternative to your menu card on paper, you can create a QR code that leads to a digital menu in PDF format.

Hosting of PDF files for PDF QR Codes is included

Create a free PDF QR Code now

Password protected

You can optionally protect your PDF documents with a password. Only users who scan the QR Code and know the password can view the PDF file.

PDF Size

Your PDF file should be under 15MB, as a slow Internet connection on a mobile device can lead to very long waiting times.


How do I create a PDF QR Code?

Creating a PDF QR code is done in just 3 steps.

  1. Create a free account
  2. Click New QR Code and select PDF.
  3. Upload a PDF file and click Create QR Code.

Can I replace the PDF file after I have printed the QR Code?

Yes. You can change the PDF file in a dynamic QR code at any time without having to reprint the QR Code. Just click on Edit next to the QR Code and the click on Replace PDF.

If I change the PDF of the QR Code, would the QR Code design change?

No. You can replace the PDF file of the QR Code and since the QR Code is dynamic, the design will not change and you don't have to print the QR Code again.

What is the optimal size of a PDF file for a QR Code?

PDF files with images can quickly become very large and therefore lead to long loading times. We recommend your PDF file to be less than 15 MB to have a good user experience when downloading the file.

How can I minify or compress a PDF file?

To minimize a PDF file there are many online services available. One possibility is the free service from I ❤ PDF or do a Google search.

How do I create multilanguage PDF QR Code?

Using the multilingual QR Code solution you can create a single QR Code that launches a different PDF file depending on the language of the user's device. This is a very powerful, contactless and paper-saving solution in cases like restaurant menus, instruction manuals or touristic guides.

How to create Multilingual PDF QR Codes

Multilingual QR Code PDF

I have already created and printed my QR Code. Can I change the URL of my QR Code?

In a static QR Code the target URL is hard coded and cannot be edited retrospectively! With a dynamic QR Code you can edit the target URL anytime and avoid situations like this:

We created a QR code for a YouTube video that was then printed on a huge batch of brochures. Today one of our employees accidentally deleted the YouTube video which means we now have a lot of brochures in circulation with non-working QR codes. Is there any way you can change the URLs for us so they link to different YouTube videos? It would save us a lot of trouble as we’re in the middle of critical campaign launch.

If you are using static QR Codes we cannot do anything in that case. Instead use Dynamic QR Codes whenever possible.

Why only text is shown in the QR Reader and I'm not redirected to the website after scanning?

Some QR Code readers only recognize a link if a protocol http:// is placed in front of the URL. If you create a QR Code with the URL without a protocol some readers will interpret this as plain text. Always create links with the protocol e.g. in front of the URL to make sure that every reader redirects you to the desired website immediately after scanning.