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Dynamic QR Codes

Create QR Codes and point them to any website optimized for mobile devices. You may dynamically change the target URL of a QR Code - the QR Code stays the same, so there is no need to print the code again.

You can also add a campaign name, attach an address to a QR Code or get a notification email, as soon the QR Code has been scanned.

QR Code URL dynamic

Analytics & Tracking

The statistic section shows when, from which device and where a QR Code has been scanned. You will also find information about the creation date, the number of unique visitors and how often the QR Code is scanned per day.

QR Code Analytics

With the enabled GPS function you can get even more accurate positions of where a QR Code has been scanned with accuracy close to 10 meters. More Information: Geo Tracking

Landing Pages

On the platform you can easily create mobile-friendly landing pages. You can choose from various landing page templates, like business cards or coupons. Promote your real estates or sell your products with just a view clicks. No programming skills are needed.

Mobile-friendly Landing Pages

QR Code Landingpage

Mobile Website Builder

With the mobile website builder you can update the content of your landing pages at any time. For example the address of your company changes or you have new social profiles that you want to add - simple edit the information in the landing page editor.

Landingpage Editor

White Label QR Code Manager

The QR Code Manager is also available as a White Label Platform. Brand qrd°by with your own logo and name and use our platform under your domain. As an administrator you can create user accounts and setup the number of QR Codes each user is allowed to have.

Instead of white.qrd.by you can point any domain to our servers. We map the domain upon your request and your customers will never see any reference to qrd.by anymore.

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