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QR Code Analytics & Tracking

Creating trackable QR Codes allow you the follow where, when and from which device your codes have been scanned. You will see the number of unique visitors and total requests for each of your created QR Codes.

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CCPA & GDPR Compliant

The tracking of QR Code scans with our service is CCPA & GDPR compliant, because when tracking no personal data is processed or stored. We do not save any IP addresses or set cookies on the device that calls the QR code without consent.

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Track Unique Visitors

For each QR Code we track

  • Number of Unique Visitors
  • Number of Total Scans
  • Average Scan Rate per day
  • First and last scan date

QR Code Analytics

Device Tracking

We track the devices who scan your codes by

  • Brand e.g. Apple
  • Model e.g. iPhone
  • Browser e.g. Safari
  • Operating System e.g. iOS12
device tracking

It is not possible to track the person's phone number or any other details like name or contacts from the address book. Todo so you will need to create a Lead Landing Page instead.

Location Tracking

For each scan we track the location which includes

QR Code GPS We include GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, to lookup a country by its IP address, available from

Local Time Tracking

For each scan we track the date and the local time depending on the location of where the QR Code is scanned. So if you are using the same QR Code in countries with a different time zone, you will always see the local scanning time.

Local timezone tracking The correct time zone is computed from the mobile device's IP address.

Google Analytics Integration

Not only does our platform have detailed tracking data for your QR code campaigns, it also allows you to connect with Google Analytics. You also receive demographic data like age or gender in your Google Analytics account and interests to the users who scan your QR codes. This feature is only available in paid subscribtions.

Tracking Age and Gender with Google Analytics

Ultra High Performance

Our data warehouse allows you to process statistics with millions of scans in a matter of seconds.

We are committed to offer a rock-solid platform using the latest technologies and analytic algorithms to provide the level of service your company needs.

Platform performance monitor

QR Code Retargeting


When you create a dynamic QR Code, you can use third-party plug-ins for tracking and retargeting after a QR Code is scanned. We support among others:

  • Google Analytics (GA)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Facebook Pixel

Our service offers an optional consent popup that is displayed to the user before third-party cookies are stored in order to track GDPR and CCPA compliant.

QR Code Retargeting

Statistic API{JSON}

Using the API, you can automatically generate QR Codes and request statistics of how often, where and by what devices a QR Code was scanned. You can get grouped daily statistics for your QR Codes within a given time range, optionally filter the request by devices and much more...

API Docs
 "creationdate":"2020-05-10 09:40:14",
 "firstrequestdate":"2020-05-14 18:47:27",
 "lastrequestdate":"2020-07-24 10:34:09",
 "requests":[ ... ]         

Geocoding Scans

When you enable Geocoding, we lookup the GPS coordinates and retrieve

  • Region
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Street & Number
Geocoding QR Code Scan

Browser's Locale and Language

When a QR Code is scanned, the mobile Browser sends his preferred language and locale. With this information you can track for example tourists from foreign countries.

When a tourist scans a QR Code in your hotel, the country retrieved from the IP address would be your home country. However, by looking up the browser's locale, you can see the country of origin and the preferred language of your guest.

Browser's Locale

Geo Tagged QR Codes

If you assign an address to a QR Code you have generated a geo tagged QR Code. As a registered user, you can use the QR Code API to add additional Geo information such as longitude and latitude of the QR code.

Scan Locations

As soon the QR codes that you have attached to the stored address are scanned, they will instantly pop up on the map with their numbers of scans. This allows you to determine your most frequented locations and optimize your marketing activity accordingly.

Social Media Tracking

When you are creating landing pages for your QR Codes and they are getting shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, you will see in your statistics how many visits you get from different channels.

This helps you to learn where your target audience is most active to accordingly plan your ad campaigns for each channel.

Social Media tracking

WeChat Campaign Tracking

QR codes that are scanned with the WeChat App appear in the statistics next to the Smartphone with a WeChat icon. Thus, you not only know from which device, but also from which App the QR code was called.

Wechat QR Code Campaign Tracking


What is the difference between Unique Visitors and Requests?

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors is the number of clearly identifiable devices that scanned the QR Code. The number is computed by summing up all unique IP addresses from the devices. The IP addresses are stored anonymously and a scan can never be directly linked with a person. Thus scans are anonymous and GDPR compliant.

Requests (Scans)

The number of requests indicates how often the QR Code has been scanned. A QR Code may be scanned 1 or more times by the same person. Therefore, the number of requests is always greater than or equal to the number of unique visitors.

Note: If you scan a QR Code from different devices and they are all connected to the same Wifi-network, the number of unique visitors is 1 and will not increase.

Can I get the phone number, name or address of the person who scanned the QR Code?

For security reasons it is not possible to track the person's phone number or any other details like name or contacts from the address book just by scanning the QR Code.

However, you can build a form on your landing page to retrieve personal data of the person who scans the QR Code. See How to generate Leads?

If I look at the statistics I see scans and requests from countries where I did not publish the QR Code. How come?

We identify a QR Code scan by the device's IP address and the user agent sent by the device. There are three scenarios, why a QR Code incorrectly shows up from a different country:

  • The device is behind a proxy (e.g. Blackberry devices are routing all their Internet traffic through the U.S.)
  • A bot from abroad is faking its user agent. Normally we filter out bot requests. However, if a Bot is sending a regular user agent string (like an Apple iPhone does) we cannot distinguish between a real iPhone and the Bot.
  • We are looking up IP addresses to their countries with the database from Even they claim there is a 99,8% accuracy on country level, there is a chance that the IP address is assigned to the wrong country and therefore will display you the wrong information.

The most accurate results you get, when you enable the GPS tracking function for QR Codes.

Another possibility that requests show up from a different country is that the URL might have been shared through Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat or other social media platforms by the user or the app after scanning. You can have a look on the Referred section of the statistic page for more details.

How can I view how many visitors have scanned my QR Code?

Using the QR Code Manager lets you manage all your QR Codes at once and you can view scanning statistics including unique visitors, visiting countries, browsers and more.

How accurate is the position of where the QR Code has been scanned?

First and foremost, the IP address of the smartphone that scanned the QR code is used. This allows the country of origin to be determined with an accuracy of 99%. The IP address itself is not stored by us to stay compatible with the GDRP and CCPA

For each IP address also a position is approximated. The accuracy can range from one to 1000 kilometers. On average the accuracy is about 200 kilometers. If you would like to determine a more precise position, activate the GPS location in the options menu of a QR code.

If the GPS tracking function is switched on for a trackable QR code, the position can be determined down to an accuracy of only a few meters. Read more about:

QR Code tracking with GPS

What personal data do you collect during tracking and is this GDPR compliant?

The good news is that the tracking process itself does not store any personal data. When requesting a tracking URL or scanning a dynamic QR code you do not have to worry about GDPR or CCPA. We just store

  • the scanning device (user agent)
  • to local time when the link was requested
  • the anonymized IP (the IP is stored anonymously in the database as a hash value. It is not possible to relate to a person with the anonymized IP address)
  • Before the IP address is anonymized, the country and city are extracted from it, if possible. For this we use a local database from which we can read the country information. No third-party server or API is included.

The redirection to the destination address is executed directly via a 301 redirect and we do not place any cookies on the scanning device.

You can find a detailed description of how we deal with the data we collect under the following link.


To avoid data breach and other complications, we regularly undergo pen tests by an external company.

Pen Tests

How can I get the GPS position of where a QR Code has been scanned?

You can enable GPS tracking of QR Codes by clicking on the GPS icon in the options menu next to a QR Code.

Enable GPS tracking in option menu of QR Code

How do I simulate a GPS position after a QR code scan?

You can easily simulate the GPS position of a QR Code scan in a browser. In the following tutorial you will learn how to setup the environment for it.

Simulate a GPS Position during a QR Code Scan

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