Designer QR Code with Logo

With a you can easily create a Designer QR Code and embed a logo in your QR Code. You don’t need any photo editing software or any programming skills. Just select your QR Code color and upload a logo. Your logo will be automatically centered in the biggest possible size in the QR Code. However please always test your QR Code for readability before going in production.

Create a Designer QR Code

Designer QR Code Types

desinger qr codes transparent

Basic QR Code

You can choose between three different QR Code design types. In the basic version, you can specify foreground and background color, as well as embed a logo into the QR code. This is the best and most secure way to use QR Codes. Simple QR Codes ensure readability by any device or QR Code Reader as well as provide Error Correction in case the QR Code gets damaged.

Custom Design

The custom design version allows you to change the squares in the QR Code with your own custom body, eye and eyeball shapes. You can define different color settings as well as gradients and embed your logo as well. Please do extensive scan tests, since there might be readability problems with your QR Code Reader or device.

Transparent QR Code

With the Transparent QR code function, you can upload any background image and the QR code adapts perfectly to the background by creating transparent pixels. Those QR Codes have a high readability as well. Click on the QR codes above to experiment with your own designed QR codes.

Designer QR Code Examples

You can download designer QR Codes rasterized web format. In the premium version, custom designer QR Codes are also available in vector format. The following examples show you some Designer QR Codes. Each QR Code redirects to a mobile-friendly landing page, created with our Mobile Website Builder


This Designer QR Code is one of 500 QR Codes printed in a wedding bochure of the manufacturer Brautmode Stern. Each QR Code redirects to a mobile-friendly landing page with detailed product information of a wedding gown.


This QR Code is printed on jungidee°at's business cards. This Designer QR Code redirects the user to a mobile business card displaying all company relevant information.

Try it out your self and create your Designer QR Code with a Logo

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