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Geo-Targeted QR Code


You may want to deliver different content to specific countries. With Geo-targeting you can create QR Codes with Multi-URLs that redirect the user to a specific website depending from which country he is scanning the QR Code.

Create geo-targeted QR Code

Geo QR Code


Create a Geo QR Code to direct a user to a specific location. After the user scans the QR Code on his smartphone, the map application opens and navigates the user to the given GPS coordinates.

Create GEO QR Code

QR Code GPS Tracking

QR Code GPS Tracking

Retrieve the position where a QR Code is scanned

When you create a QR Code in your account you can activate the GPS tracking function and if a user scans your QR Code, the position will be tracked using the built in GPS geolocation function of the mobile device.

Get Scan Position

Scan the following QR Code to see how position tracking works on your smartphone. After scanning the code you can have a look at the map how accurate the location of your scan was:

qr code gps submit dialog

QR Code Map

Only if the person accepts to send the location, the position where the QR Code has been scanned, will be transmitted using the built in HTML5 Geolocation function (if available). qrd°by stores the position and plots it on a map.

qr codes on map

Custom GPS Tracking Dialog

qrd°by manages the localization of QR Codes. A mobile website which asks the user if he wants to submit his location is displayed before he is being redirected to the original URL. The interception page is necessary because of security and privacy considerations of the Geolocation API described by the W3C here. Every browser which implements the Geolocation API must follow this rule. This is native feature, so there's no hack to avoid asking the user for his permission.

In the Premium or White Label version you can completely customize the GPS Dialog Box like shown in the following figure.

Customizing GPS QR Code Dialog

How to enable GPS Localization

If the position is requested on the mobile phone through the HTML5 Geolocation feature, there are 6 different scenarios:

  • success pin Position is returned as Longitude / Latitude Pair
  • denied pinAccess to position is denied by the user
  • turned off pinAccess to position is denied by the browser
  • error pinPosition cannot be located
  • timeout pinRetrieving the position timed out on device
  • no navigation pinHTML5 Geolocation on device not available

If the position cannot be retrieved, there may be different reasons: The user explicitly prohibited submitting his location or the Smartphone of the user is configured to NOT communicate its position by default. The tracking service may be globally enabled or disabled on a mobile device. On some Smartphones (e.g. iPhone) the tracking service may be enabled for each application separately. In some cases, tracking does not work temporarily, because now GPS, WLAN or UMTS reception is available.

No matter if the location was transmitted by the mobile device or not, the scan date, model and brand are recorded.

how to turn on gps localization on iphone

Data Security

When submitting a GPS position a secure connection is required. Using our service, you will always see a https:// connection during the tracking process. Even White Label customers users will receive a free SSL certificate for their custom domain within 48 hours after subscribing.

So, no man-in-the-middle attack is possible when you are submitting your location to our service.

secure https connection

Why a user should submit his position?

If 100 people scan your QR Code you will receive about 10 accurate positions. It very much depends on what you offer users in return when they announce their position. Communicate what is the benefit for a user to submit the scan position.

Lost your dog?

QR Codes attached to dog tags enables finders to track the dog's position in case they get lost. A person who finds a lost dog with a QR Tag is much more willing to submit the GPS position after scanning the QR Code.

When using QR Codes for finding lost pets or other lost things, up to 25% of the users submit their position.

QR Code for dog tags

Supported OS

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry OS
  • Browsers with Google Gears support (Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Nokia Web Run-Time (Nokia N97,...)
  • webOS Application Platform (Palm Pre)
  • Torch Mobile Iris Browser
  • Mozilla Geode
os logos apple android windows blackberry symbian webos bada


Our goal is to get the best accuracy that can be achieved with the HTML5 Geolocation feature for any mobile device. Try this little tool on your mobile device to see our algorithm in action:

You can choose between a fast, but not so accurate method or a slower but more accurate one. After retrieving your position, you can open it in your mobile's map application and compare your actual position with the retrieved one. In the picture on the right you see a Red Pin (retrieved location) and a Green Pin (actual location retrieved with GPS) with a distance less than 50 meters.

The accuracy highly depends on the tracking technology your mobile device is using. With GPS tracking or if you are close to a Wi-Fi spot you get the most accurate results. Least accuracy you have with cell tower triangulation.

gps accuracy tracking

Using HTML5 Geolocation you get very accurate positions with accuracy close to 10 meters.

accuracy between green pin and red pin

Track your QR Code now

To start tracking your QR Codes you can register for free here: