White Label QR Code Manager

qr-code-mananger-whitelabel-domain Domain Masking qrd°by with your custom domain.

The QR Code Management Tool of qrd°by is also available as a White Label Platform. Brand qrd°by with your own logo and name and use our platform under your domain. As an administrator you can create user accounts and setup the number of QR Codes each user is allowed to have.

Instead of our domain qrd.by you can use a custom domain and your customers will never see any reference to qrd.by anymore. Your QR Codes will also include your custom domain instead of qrd.by.

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User Management

The platform has a multi-tenant architecture. As the administrator of the platform you can create as many user accounts for your employees or customers as you want. For each user, you can specify whether and how many QR codes or mobile sites he is allowed to generate.

As an agency, you can grant exclusive access for each of your clients and provide them with all relevant statistics of their QR Code campaigns.

With the included language tool, you can translate the whole platform into any custom language. You can then assign your custom language settings to any user account.

Multi Languages

multi language

The platform speaks by default English, German, Spanish and Swedish. With the included language tool, you can translate the whole platform into any custom language. You can then assign your custom language settings to any user account.

You can also select between different currencies and measurement systems (metric or imperial) to be displayed on your landing pages.

QR Code Campaigns

QR Code Campaigns

Create dynamic QR Codes and edit their target URL anytime without the need to print the QR Code again.

You can organise your QR Code campaigns easily in folders per drag & drop.

Landing Pages

In the content management system integrated within the whitelabel platform you can easily create your own mobile optimized landingpages. We have already prepared a different set of categories to start with, like coupons, business cards, product presentation pages and much more...

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    • Trackable QR Codes
    • 1.000
      (per user)
    • Own Logo / Favicon
    • yes

    • Customized Footer
      Customize your footer by setting a footer logo, your link to your website and the name of your white label instance.
    • yes

    • User Management (Through admin interface or Admin API)
    • yes

    • Permissions (Define how many QR Codes or landing pages a user is allowed to create)
    • yes

    • Landingpages optimized for smartphones and editable in the integrated CMS.
    • yes

    • Custom CSS
      Change the Look & Feel of your landingpages by using CSS and HTML tags.
    • yes

    • Multi-Language (i18n)
      Set a pre-defined language (English, Spanish, Swedish or German), currency or measurement system (metric, imperial) for each user
      Translate the platform in any regional language with custom language packs.
    • yes

    • Batch QR Code Generation
      Create or import thousands of QR Codes with just one click
    • yes

    • SMS Alerts
      Receive an SMS Notifaction when a QR Code is scanned.
      SMS Gateway: 10 U$/month
      2 c per SMS (US only)
    • yes

    • Help & Support
    • yes

    • Price

    • starting from


      + 2U$ / user per month
      (20% VAT excluded)



      + 5U$ / user
      + own domain / user
      per month
      (20% VAT excluded)

Pricing for Business Customers

The basic fee for the platform is 25 U$ per month. For every created user additional 2 U$ per month will be charged. As an additional feature you may assign each user a separate custom domain. By activating this feature 5U$/month per user will be charged. You have a 30-days evaluation period to test the platform with all features enabled. The billing is on a quarterly basis but you can quit our service at the end of every month. All prices quoted exclude 20% VAT. You can download all invoices as pdf documents from your account. For companies outside the EU or companies with a valid VATID in the EU outside of Austria we do not charge VAT.

For Start-Ups and young entrepreneurs we offer special discounts. Please get in contact with us.

Payment Methods

You can easily pay with your credit card or PayPal. We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. You only need to enter your credit card information once. After succesful authorizing your credit card, the portal fee is automatically debited from your card once per quarter. When signing up for a one year contract, we accept bank transfer as well.

PayPal Logo

Credit card payments are protected via 256-bit SSL certificate to encrypt your information when you send it to us. We only store the last 4 digits of your credit card number and the expiration date to inform you, before your card gets expired.


I would like to use material from your website for selling your QR Code service to my clients. Can I do this?

Yes, you can copy materials from our website. However, please don't copy it 1:1. If you just duplicate content, Google will penalize your website by ranking it badly.

Do my QR Codes expire after the evaluation period has finished?

Yes. After the trial ends, the account will be deactivated and you are not able to login into your account unless you unlock your account with your credit card. By no later than 28 days after the trial ends, all data (including QR Codes) of the account will be deleted. Read more under our Terms of Service

However: Once you have subscribed and you have been a customer for at least one year your QR Codes will not expire, even after you have terminated your membership.

Will my QR Codes work if you stop your service one day?

Yes. In the unlikely case that qrd°by is shut down one day, all created QR Codes under your domain name continue to work, because you are the owner of your custom domain. You can always use the backup feature in the account section to get all your QR Code data in CSV format and landingpages in static HTML. You will even find a code snippet for a basic URL forwarder there. Copy that snippet on a server of yours point your custom domain there and your QR Codes will continue to work.

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To unlock your whitelabel platfrom point your domain to our IP and set the domain name, your company name, your company URL and optionally upload logos for the header & footer as well as a favicon.

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