Mobile Business Cards & QR Codes

Your Mobile Business Card

Create a mobile-friendly website for your business or private use optimized for Smartphones in just a few simple steps. Provide your contact details as a digital business card and include your links to the most important social networks.

Comes with a QR Code

Your digital business card comes with a hi-res QR Code that you can print on your business card. So your friends and business partners can easily add your contact data to their address book.

Is always up-to-date

Did you move or did your mobile number change? Have you created a new Facebook page? No problem. You always have full control over your business data and you can edit anytime or add new contact information.


Edit Business Card Edit mobile business card with preview

Created in less than 1-minute

Create your business card in less than one minute. Just enter your data & upload your profile picture.

It's free

You can create one mobile business card for free. You don't need any programming skills.

Add to contacts

With the function "Add to contacts" the business card can be added directly into the address book of the Smartphone.

Add to contacts Save contact with vCard in adress book

Share it anywhere

Share your contact through your QR Code, push it to your social networks or send the contact as a vCard via email.

Share Business Card per Whatsapp, Facebook or other social Media

Social Networks

Link to your social profiles from your digital business card.

Edit Social Links Link to Social Networks from businesscard

Call-to-Action Buttons

Predefined Call-to-action buttons enable your business partners to call you directly, contact you via email or leave a message on Skype.

Call-to-Action for starting a phone call

Embed Multimedia

Store any multimedia content in your business card like YouTube videos, pictures or links to mixes on SoundCloud.

Multimedia Content Youtube embeded in business card

Register for a free account to manage your business cards:

Create free digital Business Card

Premium Features

With a premium account, you can create up to 1000 digital business cards and may use the following premium features:

Batch Contact Import

Use the batch import function to create mobile business cards or vCard QR Codes directly from an Excel file.

cvs vcard import

Multiple Addresses

Premium users can add multiple e-mails, addresses and phone numbers to a single mobile business card.

Multiple Addresses

Custom Branding

Upload your own company logo and design the business card with your own CI and own typography. Embed any CSS code or Google Fonts.

Custom Call-2-Action Buttons

You can add custom call-2-action buttons to link to a web site, a PDF document, initiate a call or send an e-mail.

Call-2-Action for initiating a call

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