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How does the scan limitation for free accounts work?

​​QR Codes from the free account do not expire and we do not display any ads. However, a limitation of 100 scans per day per QR Code applies.

100 scans per day per QR Code for dynamic QR Codes and Landing Pages

If you use a free account, we rely on a fair use policy of 100 scans per day per QR Code.

The first time that the daily limit is exceeded, you will receive an instant notification e-mail from us. If the limit is exceeded a second time, the account and the QR Code or Landing Page will be blocked immediately.

The redirection of the QR Code continues to work even if the daily limit is exceeded for the first time. However, if the scan limit is exceeded a second time, you will receive an e-mail from us, that the QR Code has been temporarily deactivated until you switch to a paid plan.

The scan counter for a QR Code is reseted every day at midnight our local time (CEST).

Unlimited Scans for COVID19 tracing - digital guest lists

The scan limitation does not apply to digital guest lists that can be used as an aid to contain the COVID19 virus.

Unlimited Scans for static QR Codes

Static QR Codes have no limit at all, since they are not routed through our servers.

Upgrade to a paid plan for unlimited scans

You can upgrade and import the QR Codes and Landing pages to your premium account. In any of our paid plans you have unlimited scans.

Subscribing to our Starter Plan with a one-time annual membership of only USD 5, - per month will allow you unlimited scans and the QR Codes or Landing Pages continue to work even when terminating your subscription.

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