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In this article you will learn about different ways how you can create a QR Code for your business card that links to your contact information. There are pros and cons depending on which method you are using concerning performance, offline availability and size restrictions.

Static vCard QR Code

A simple way to create a QR Code with your contact information is an offline QR Code with a vCard encoded. A vCard is a file format for business cards to exchange contact data. vCards can be easily imported  in e-mail clients like Outlook or to an address book on a mobile phone. By scanning the following QR Code, your mobile phone will automatically suggest to add our company’s contact information to your address book. Almost any phone with a QR Code Reader installed, can handle this QR Code (including iPhones with iOs<7). This QR Code also works, if you are not connected to the Internet, since all information is encoded in the QR Code itself.

vcard offline qr code
A QR Code with an encoded vCard. Only a limited number of contact attributes can be stored in this offline QR Code, since the size of a QR Code is limited to 4.296 chars.

Create vCard QR Code

However since all Information is encoded in the QR Code itself, the QR Code can get really big. The more information you are adding, the bigger the code gets. It will be hard to print the code on a business card while sustaining the readability of the QR Code. Adding an image is almost impossible, since there would be too much data in the QR Code. But the biggest disadvantage is:

Once the QR Code is printed the information in the QR Code cannot be changed anymore.

This is when a QR Code that leads to an editable Mobile Business Card comes in handy:


Mobile Business Cards

You can overcome all the issues by creating a Mobile Business Card. It allows you to edit the contact information anytime in case your phone or email changes. People who scan the QR Code will be redirected to a mobile Website displaying your contact data. They can also add your contact to their address book by clicking “Save Business Card”-Button at the bottom or call and mail you directly through the integrated Call-to-Action Buttons. Moreover you can include your profile picture, logos and your social profiles. Sounds good? The only disadvantage is that the person who scans the QR Code needs Internet access.

digital business card
A Mobile Business Card shows all your contact information including user picture, links to social profiles and Call-to-Action Buttons for direct call, mail or save to contacts
QR Code to mobile business card
Scan this QR Code to view the Mobile Business Card from above on your phone or:

Create your Mobile Business Card


Multiple addresses in one business card

multiple addresses business private and other

Premium users can add multiple e-mails, addresses and phone numbers to a single mobile business card.


Dynamic vCard QR Code

When creating a Mobile Business Card you can activate the option “Add to Contacts directly” in the branding section.

save vcard directly after scanning QR Code

So instead of displaying the Mobile Website with the contact information, the contact is added to the user’s address book on his mobile phone, after scanning the QR Code and clicking on “Open in contacts”.

add vcard to contact

Moreover anytime you alter your contact data, the vCard will be updated as well.

https://free.qrd.by/vcard/peter-hlavac This QR Code leads to a dynamic vCard, which will add the contact to the address book with just one click.


QR Code on Lockscreen

QR Code on Lockscreen

If you do not have a business card in paper format, you can save the QR code as an image file on your lock screen. All you need to do is show your mobile phone display and the other person can then scan your contact information.

Business Card on Home Screen

You can also add your mobile business card on your home screen and open it by just tapping on the icon once.

On an iPhone all you must do is tap on upload and select “Add to Home Screen”:

add to homescreen

Then you can set a name and voila the icon with your profile image shows up on your home screen. Use this short link to exchange your contact data quickly:

icon for business card on homescreen


You have learned two different ways of how to include a QR Code on a business card: using a vCard or a mobile website. vCards can be integrated in a QR Code but only with limited information where as a mobile website shows much more details but needs an Internet connection. If you print the QR Code on your business card make sure the QR Code has a proper size (see: Minimum size of a QR Code)

Create your own QR Code or Mobile Business Card by using our free QR Code Manager:

Register a free Account

Batch vCard Import with .csv files

csv vcard qr code import

If you want to create more than one business card as once (e.g. for your employes) you can use the Batch QR Code Generator. You can import contacts from a .csv file (e.g. Outlook) and create static vCard QR Codes or mobile business cards out of them without typing in the contact information manually.

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