Print Batch QR Codes on Labels

QR Code Labels Printed on Boxes
If you want to print a large number of unique QR Codes on labels you may want use the label merge function of Microsoft Office Word. This tutorial guides you how to import a list of QR Codes from an Excel file into a Word template before printing the labels or export them to a print-ready Adobe Pdf file.

Templates for Label Printing

There are various suppliers that provide templates for label printing. Download for example the following template from Herma:

download word label template

Word template for printing QR Code labels

QR Code Import

If you have an account at export your QR Codes in a .csv file from the menu “Export” => “Export QR Codes”. If you don’t have an account just download the following example .csv file to work with in this tutorial:

download qr code links from csv file

Example .csv Excel for QR Code Labels

Now open the Word template you have just downloaded and initialize the label merge by clicking the ribbon “Mailings” and the click on “Labels” from the menu “Start Mail Merge”. As soon a dialog pops up click on “Cancel”.

Init Label Merge

In the next step import the Excel file you have downloaded by clicking “Use an Existing List” from the menu “Select Recipients”:

import qr codes from csv

How to insert a QR Code in a Label

Now set the cursor to the first position in the template. You have to do the following steps manually, otherwise it will not work. Do NOT just copy & paste:First Label for QR Code

  • Press CTRL + F9 and 2 braces will appear. Now enter the keyword INCLUDEPICTURE in between
  • Press CTRL + F9 again and insert IF TRUE
  • Press CTRL + F9 another time and insert MERGEFIELD followed by the column name of the .csv file containing the links to the QR Codes (in the example file the name is qrcode)
  • Now set the cursor before the last brace und insert \d

After initializing the first label deploy the QR Codes to all labels by clicking “Update Labels”:

Update Labels

Now click on “Preview Results” to finalize the import of the QR Codes:

preview results

Batch Printing

To print the labels just click on “Print Documents” from the menu “Finish & Merge”:

Printing the labels from QR Code Batch

As an alternative you can also save the document as a .pdf file by printing to the “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the Print dialog box. You can download an example .pdf file here:

Batch QR Code Labels pdf

With our Batch QR Code Generator you can create up to 1.000 QR Codes. If you need a higher volume just get in contact with us.

Appendix: Layout in a Label with mixed content

You can also add any other column of the Excel file into the label. Just press CTRL + F9 insert MERGEFIELD followed by the column name, e.g. { MERGEFIELD id }

If you plan to display more fields than just the QR Code on a label use tables for layouting. For example, create a 2×2 table and merge the two cells at the bottom. Insert the QR Code in the first cell, add a hint in the second cell and add the shortened URL in the merged cell at the bottom. You can control the size of a QR Code by changing the width of the first cell. Click on the image below to download a word template with a layout a shown in the picture:

QR Code Layout in a Label with mixed attributes

Further Tips for printing QR Codes


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  1. Matt

    I have a questions regards your QR creator tool. Is it possible to mass-produce, personalised QR codes, each with a different link, and that can also incorporate a small in-house code/text (so that we know which QR is which!). Is this possible?
    Thanks for your help

  2. Rachel Hutchens

    Good Morning,

    I have a few questions about QR Code Marketing and would love your insight. My company, HTeaO, is looking into using QR codes for our paper coupons. The reason we are looking into QR codes for our coupons, is that we want to be able to track what store the coupons was used at, and to prevent the “reprinting” and theft of our coupons. We have 100 locations in the works and are looking to make large bulk coupons at once that can be scanned in store for a free beverage and not be used again. Is this possible in the QR Code world, or do you have a better idea of how we can go about this?

    1. admin

      Hello Rachel,

      your request can be fully managed using our QR based mobile coupon solution

      Yes, you can create 1-time redeemable codes
      Yes, you can control whether they have been redeemed and where they were (GPS based) when they redeemed.
      Yes, you can use them in your printed coupons

      Moreover, you will be able to distribute digital coupons among your current customers via web, email o social networks, use them as reward for new followers and have a real time report system.

      More info about 1 time redeemable vouchers

      We suggest you sign-up and use our 30 days free trial (no credit cards numbers are necessary) to check out our solution:

      Please feel free to contact us if you need further information, we will be glad to guide you through our product.


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