QR Code Decoding: What’s behind the code?

QR Code DecoderIf you scan a QR code, you will usually be forwarded directly to a website without knowing what information or URL actually stored in the QR code. In the worst case you will be redirected on a page that tries to install on your smartphone malicious software or tries to call a premium rate number.

To have more security when scanning a QR Code, you should use a QR Reader, that displays the URL stored in the QR Code first and asking for confirmation before redirecting you to the website.

QRQR – Denso Wave has an option in the settings menu, where you can choose to confirm an URL redirection before going online.

    qr code reader denso wave settings

If this option is activated, a confirmation window shows up every time you scan a QR Code.

The website encoded in the QR Code is only opened when you confirm to go online by tapping the “Go Online” button.

If you have the QR code as an image file you can display the content using the image decoding option:

decode qr code  image

Do you have Google Chrome installed? If so you can directly decode the QR Code with the Webcam in the browser with the Webcam QR Code Reader

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