How to import contacts as mobile business cards

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If you would like to create a batch of mobile business cards for all employees in your company, we have developed an import interface for you to upload a .csv file with all contacts at once.

After a successful import, a mobile business card or vCard QR Code is created for each contact row in the .csv file. In addition, you can select a business card template to determine in advance how the business cards should look after the import.

The following blog post is a guide on how to export your contact information from an address book (e.g. from Outlook) and then import it into your account.

Export Outlook Contacts

In Outlook, click on “File” in the menu and follow those steps:

export contacts

Click on “Open & Export” and then on “Import/Export”

export to a file

In the popup dialog choose “Export to file”

export comma separated

Choose “Comma separated values” as format

export contact folder

Choose the “Contact” folder to export

In the final dialog set a name for the .csv file to be exported.

Create Business Card Template (optional)

If you want to have all your mobile business cards to have the same logo, with out manually uploading the logo for each business card, you can create a business card template.

To do this, create a new business card in the “Landingpage” section. Upload your company logo, use your own font or create your own CSS. More styling tips can be found here.

Import CSV File

Please download a csv example file first, to see the scructure of the contact.

CSV Contact Example

The column headers of your .csv file must match the columns of the sample file. If the columns are mixed up, the contact data is incorrectly imported.

Once you have selected your .csv file, you can optionally specify a template to customize the business cards:import contacts with template

Evaluate Premium Account

You can immediately register to a premium account without obligation for 30 days free of charge and evaluate how to create and import mobile business cards.


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