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qrd°byWhite Label System Check
Your Whitelabel Url
Health Check

Your White Label Instance is healthy.

Your domain white.qrd.by is correctly linked with a CNAME record to qr.webapp-portal.com

DNS Error

Your domain white.qrd.by is not ping able or is not linked to the IP address of our server nor there is a CNAME record pointing to qr.webapp-portal.com.

This might be a DNS issue which we have no influence on. Please contact your registrar or hosting partner.

For more information about how to setup your white label platform please read Set up White Label Domain

White Label Platform deactivated

Your white label instance with the domain white.qrd.by was deactivated. You might to forgot to pay an open invoice or your evaluation period has expired. If you think this is a mistake please contact us here:


Network Problems?

To find out if you have network problems, first check if our platform has any issues:

Uptime History

If you don't see any service disruption or service outage in the link above, please check your network connection to our server with:

On Linux

traceroute qrd.by
ping qrd.by

On Windows

tracert qrd.by
ping qrd.by

You can use also mtr, a script that combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping programs in a single network diagnostic tool.

If you cannot access your custom domain or you have packet losses means that you have network problems. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). He can help you out to identify your connection problems.

You might check out your network status with this tool