Mobile Shopping with QR Codes

QR Code on clothes
QR Code on wine bottle
QR Code on cosmetic (product)

Mobile Shopping has never been so easy. With our mobile shopping solution, you can use QR Codes to guide potential customers to your product pages. On the product landing page, the customer can directly make a purchase of your items.

Create a Product

On our platform, you can create mobile landing pages for your products that contain all the necessary product information. For each item, you will receive a QR code, which you can print in your catalogs, brochures or commercials next to the advertised product.

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PayPal Integration

Product Catalog

With the integrated PayPal button function, you can sell the product directly on the landing page.

product purchase with PayPal
Mobile Shopping PayPal

Once the product has been paid, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can send the item.

Go viral with WhatsApp & Social Media

On each product landing page, there is a sharing feature that allows customers to share your products to friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

In this way, new potential customers are made through viral recommendations - that is difficult with conventional brochures!

Share voucher with Whatsapp

Start selling your products

Create up to 100 products with a Premium or a White Label account. You can also try our Starter Plan and create up to 5 products. You can immediately start a 30 days free, non-binding trial.


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