QR Code Affiliate Program

50 % monthly commission rate

Becoming a reseller enables you to earn 50% commission rate for every customer on a reoccurring quarterly basis. You will receive an affiliate id and login credentials to your affiliate account where you will see all your clients that have registered through you.

Affiliate Link

To register a new client of yours, just embed your affiliate link with your affiliate id in your website or e-mails. e.g.


Users who register through the link above get access to a premium account and can create up to 1000 QR Codes and 1000 landing pages. For every premium account you will receive a monthly commission.

You don't need to have a premium or white label account to be an affiliate. And there are no monthly costs for you.

Distribute qrd.by using your own name and brand

Using the White Label Platform you can run qrd.by with your own domain, name and branding. Having a white label instance enables you to advertise clients without routing them through our website. For this kind of affiliate you need to have a white label instance with a custom domain running.

You can setup your own customized plans e.g. set the monthly fee or the numbers of QR Codes a client is allowed to create.


We do the billing and invoicing for you. Invoices for your clients are going through our payment system but each invoice contains a reference to your company data you have provided during registration.


The commission rate is based on the monthly fee a customer pays for his white label platform or premium account. The billing cycle starts after the users trial period has ended and the fee has been transfered to our account. For EU residents all you need to get paid is a SWIFT and IBAN number. The commissions will be transferred then to your bank account on a quarterly basis every

  • 1st of February
  • 1st of May
  • 1st of August
  • 1st of November

You will receive commissions after your clients have paid their monthly fee and the total commissions exceed USD 50. - per billing cycle.

Commission Example

20 Premium Account á USD 20,- / month results into USD 600,- commission / quarter

Create an Affiliate Account

If you have any more questions about the affiliate program please contact us or go ahead and create your affiliate account: