GPS tracking for lost pets

Pet Tags: GPS Tracking with QR Codes


The following section describes how to include our QR Code tracking technology in your platform. This information is only for people with technical background and who are familiar with APIs and content management systems.

We cannot give you support on how to build your platform. However, we are here to help if you have specific technical questions on our API.

Are you building a website for lost pets?

Our White Label QR Code Manager supports GPS tracking with QR Codes and can be seamless integrated in your pet tracking website.

GPS pet-tag tracking
QR Code for dog tags

GPS Tracking

You can create GPS trackable QR Codes for pet owners and their pets. As soon the QR Code of a lost pet is scanned, the person who found the pet is asked to submit his position.

Custom GPS Dialog

Once the position is submitted the user will be redirected to the pets profile on your website. You can fully customise the GPS tracking Dialog as an HTML landing page.

Email Notification

The pet owner will get an instant E-Mail notification when the QR Code of his pet is scanned, including information about the location of his lost pet.

SMS Notification

Additionally the pet owner may receive an SMS notification when the QR Code of his pet is scanned, including information about the location of his lost pet.

User Synchronisation

With the white label QR Code Manager you can create a user for each pet owner including his name, phone number and E-Mail address. The users may be created manually, through a batch generator or using the API.

With the administrative API of our platform you can fully automatize the process of creating, editing and deleting users:

user management
API Pet Tag


Using our API you can create a user for each pet owner and a QR Code for each pet profile.

To connect to our platform you need a software developer who is familiar with programming against APIs.

All APIs on our platform are self-explaining and very well documented. Depending on your backend calculate about 1 day for the implementation of the API calls.

You can try the API on our Demonstration White Label Platform directly here:


How do I integrate your platform in my pet tracking website? is not a standalone pet tracking platform. You will need your own website where you have a user database of pet owners and pet profiles.

Your users need a unique identifier that matches against the ids of the users created on our platform and a public URL for each pet profile that will be shown to the user after scanning the QR Code.

How long does it take me to go live with my pet tracking platform?

This really depends on your existing solution. The integration with our platform is straight forward and can be managed within some days. If you start from scratch, we know from our existing customers that it took them about 3-5 month to launch their website.

pet tag with QR Code

How does a Pet Tag should look like?

We do not provide or sell Pet Tags. But have a look how one of our customer realized his tag. You will find the

  • the QR Code
  • the tracking URL
  • a phone number to contact
  • and the website

Joomla Integration

If you are using Joomla as your content management system you can also synchronize your users against our database with a Plugin. You will find the Plugin in the Administrator API Section under:

Joomla Plugin

Setup Guide

In the following Tutorial you will learn how to setup our platform to track pets via GPS tags.

Pet Tracking Setup Guide

Some of our Clients



The monthly fee for the White Label Platform is U$ 43.75,-
The fee includes up to 1000 users with 1 QR Code Tag. The billing is on an annual basis in advance. If you need more users we can make a custom package for you. Don't hesitate to contact us.
Fee per Month

U$ 43.75,-

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