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One-time scanable QR Code

To create a QR Code that can be scanned only once, you must first create a dynamic QR Code with a default URL, e.g.

create one-time scanable qr code

Now go to the options menu of the QR Code and click on "Scheduler"

option menu of qr code

Now add a scheduled redirection, type in the URL you want to redirect the user only for one-time and set the number of how often you want to redirect to 1:

schedule qr code

The QR Code is now redirecting the user for one time to the website
If the QR Code is scanned again, the QR Code redirects to
One-time scanable QR Codes are available in all paid subscriptions.

Please also see our one-time redeemable coupons solution. With this option you can create vouchers with a QR Code that can be redeemed only once.

One-time Redeemable Vouchers

You can create a batch of vouchers with a unique QR Code that can be redeemed only once.

One-time-redeemable Vouchers