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How to send vouchers to a mailing list with unique QR Codes

If you want to send vouchers to your mailing list with a unique and one-time redeemable QR Code, you need to create a new coupon and choose the “One-time Redeemable” type.

Create Bulk Vouchers

In the next step, you need to create a set of unique QR Codes. This is done by “Create Bulk Vouchers” in the redeem section like shown below:

Edit Voucher Set Redeem Mode to unique voucher

The number should be equal to the number of contacts in your mailing list.

Create unique QR Codes
Redeem List as CSV

Download the CSV file from the bulk section or you can also download the following demo file for further processing:

Download Csv qr-code redeem links

Export Contacts

Now go to your MailChimp account and export the list you want to attach the unique QR Codes to:

Export MailChimp Contact as CSV

Merge Lists

Open the MailChimp list in Excel and add the column redeemqrcode from the above unique voucher csv file. The result will look something like this:

Merged list with uniqe QR Codes

Now go back to your MailChimp account and import the merged list with Copy/Paste from file:

Import Merged list in MailChimp

Before you finish the import wizard, click on Auto-update my existing list, to make sure your existing contacts are synced back.

Set Auto-Update my existing list

Merge Tags

Now you can setup the merge tag you want to use in your campaign to display the QR Code

Setup merge tag

Create Campaign

When you create a campaign all you must do is add the merge tag *|REDEEMQR|* in your template

edit campaign

Once you enter the live merge tag preview mode, you will see the unique QR Code for each user:

live merge tag preview mode

You are ready now to send your fully personalised campaign with unique redeemable QR Codes for each user.

Feedback or Questions?

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this tutorial, please get in contact with us.

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