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How to create one-time redeemable QR Code Coupons

one tome redeemable voucher

1. Create a Coupon

When you are creating vouchers that are only allowed to be redeemed once you need to create a new coupon and choose the “One-time Redeemable” type.

In the next step, you need to create a set of unique QR Codes. This is done by “Create Bulk Vouchers” in the redeem section like shown below:

Set Redeem Mode to unique voucher

2. Set the number of Vouchers

After that, set the number of unique QR Codes you want to send to your customers. Each QR Code will be printed on a separate voucher. Click on “Create QR Codes” and then you can download the QR Codes.

Create unique QR Codes

3. Download Vouchers

When downloading the QR Codes select your format. We recommend you use a vector format like EPS or PDF for printing. Also set the Error Correction Level to L, which allows you to print the QR Codes in a smaller size.

Download unique QR Codes

If you want to print a large number of unique QR Codes on labels you may want to read our blog post How to print Batch QR Codes on Labels.

4. Test a Voucher

When you scan one of the downloaded QR Codes you be redirected to the voucher showing a redeem button at the bottom. When the user taps the redeem button a QR Code is displayed that can be scanned by you or the shop owner to redeem the voucher:

Tab Redeem voucher and display unique QR Code at pos

5. Get Redeeming Statistics

If you click on statistics in the landing page editor you will see how many unique visitors have request a voucher and how many of them redeem a voucher

Redeem statistics

MailChimp Integration

Voucher per Subscription

If you want to provide a unique coupon to a user when he subscribes to a MailChimp mailing list you can automatically do this by connecting MailChimp with our platform through a Webhook.

After a new user confirms his subscription in MailChimp he will receive a mail with a link to the one-time redeemable voucher.

Connect to Mailchimp Mailchimp Webhook for sending voucher

Send Vouchers to Mailinglist

You can embed unique redeemable QR Codes in any of your mail campaigns by using merge tags. Each user will receive an email with a unique QR Code that only he can redeem at the shop or restaurant. Learn more about how to setup you MailChimp here:

How to send vouchers to a mailing list tutorial

Coupons API

With the Coupon API you are able to issue the next redeemable QR Codes for a voucher, get the number of available remaining QR codes for a coupon and much more...

 "result": {
  "coupon": "test voucher",
  "issued": "2017-10-06 11:39:04",
  "expires": "2017-10-06 11:39:04",
  "url": "",
  "qrcode": ""
  "redeemqrcode": ""


With Webhooks you can send event based information to a customized URL. When an event e.g. VOUCHER_CREATED occurs, your given URL will be called (webhooked).

The URL is called as a POST request and sends additional parameters to your server:

event The name of the event occurred e.g. VOUCHER_CREATED, VOUCHER_REDEEMED
timestamp The time when the event occurred
user The user who created the voucher
code The short URL of the QR Code (Voucher).
ean code If the coupon is redeemable and an EAN barcode hasbeen set,
the EAN code is submitted.
uniqueid If the QR Code is a one-time redeemable coupon, the unique id of the voucher is returned. This is one of the unique ids when creating bulk QR Codes for a unique redeemable Voucher
Webhook coupon voucher

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