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Will I be charged for the days of the trial period that I do not use?

No. You will not be charged for the first 30 days even if you enter your payment info before the trial period is over.

Last update 4 days ago

How long is the contract period or the cancelation period for an account?

The minimum contract term is 3 months. You can always cancel your subscriptions until the end of the contract period otherwise your membership is renewed.

Last update 6 days ago

Am I required to pay VAT?

As a company in an EU country outside Austria, with a valid VAT number, name and address or if you are outside the EU, we issue your invoices without VAT.

Last update 1 week ago

What is a final invoice?

When you terminate an account, a final invoice will be issued for the users that you have had active on your last billing cycle.

Last update 2 weeks ago

Why $0,00 are shown when I try to make the payment?

This is normal, your credit card has to be pre-authorized and the correct amount will be debited in the next step.

Last update 1 month ago

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Amex, VISA or Master Card), Paypal or Wire Transfer when paid annually.

Last update 1 month ago

Can I pay my invoice trough a wire bank transfer?

Yes. We support wire transfer on annual payment. Payment is upfront and no discounts can be given.

Last update 7 months ago

Can I get a receipt of my credit card payment?

Yes, you need to go to your Payments section and you can download both your invoices and the receipt if payed via credit card.

Last update 7 months ago

How do I re-activate my expired credit card?

If you want to change your credit card, go to the Payment section and click on Choose payment method. There you can enter your updated credit card data.

Last update 7 months ago

Can I pay annually?

Yes. You can select the billing cycle on a quarterly or annual basis. You get a 20% discount on annual payment. The portal fee will be charged in advance.

Last update 7 months ago

Can I purchase or license your platform to host on my own server?

We do not sell or license our software to be hosted on third party servers.

Last update 7 months ago

How long will it take to have my money back into my accouny after a refund?

Our payment provider submits refunds to your bank immediately. It can take up to 10 business days until your refund shows up on your bank account.

Last update 7 months ago

Why is my VAT ID not accepted even it is correct?

The information that you entered in your account which is the company name and address is different than the one stored with your tax office.

Last update 7 months ago

Why is my credit card rejected and I get an debit error?

Your credit card has expired or the limit has been exceeded. Your credit card company is blocking our charge. Strong customer authentication is required.

Last update 7 months ago

How do I turn off the auto renewal of the current plan?

Go to the payment section and select PayPal as payment method or terminate your account and leave the account active until the end of the contract period.

Last update 1 month ago

Can I assign a specific e-mail address to receive my invoices?

Yes, you can go to your Account settings and enter an e-mail (cc) address. This e-mail is only used as the delivery address for your invoices.

Last update 1 month ago