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Do you have any kind of affiliate program?

No, we do not offer an Affiliate Programat this point.

As an agency or freelancer, you can sign up for a White Label plan.

You will be able to resell our solution under your own domain (Ex. and create independent accounts for your customers.

Please note that the White Label platform does not include an invoicing/payment solution. Admins have to take care of the support and the billing of their customers.

​Some users have successfully integrated and with our admin API to manage both the subscription and payments management.

Our advice here is usually to keep it simple so you can fine tune your product before going into third party integrations.

Last update 2 months ago

How do I setup my own domain in my White Label account?

Go to your Branding > Production domain section of your White Label admin dashboard. Create a CNAME entry pointing to for your subdomain.

How do I setup my own domain in my White Label account?