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Frequently asked Questions

qrd°by was launched in 2011.

Your Account

I can not login and I get invalid user/password combination.

You might have signed in using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, instead of your e-mail.

If you have used an e-mail address that no longer exists or we can not reach you below it, because your mailbox is either full or your mail server is blocking us, we reserve the right to disable your account.

My account has been blocked. What can I do?

Invalid E-Mail

Our system scans detected, that you are using an invalid or expired e-mail address. Please make sure that

  • your e-mail is valid. You might use an expired old e-mail in your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Please change the e-mail.
  • your e-mail inbox is not full and accepts new e-mails.
  • your e-mail provider is not blocking our e-mails. Please add the domain to your whitelist.
  • your e-mail domain has set a correct DNS / SMTP entry. You can check if a DNS is missing for your e-mail domain here

Once you have activated the mailbox, cleaned it up and white listed it for our domain, click on 'Resend Activation-E-Mail' after the failed login.

Fraudulent Activity

Your account might be blocked because fraudulent activity was detected.
This is the case if a phishing link has been created in your account or an account has been with a stolen credit card. You might investigate if your e-mail address has been hacked or abused.
Therefore, we cannot unlock your account. Thank you for understanding.

I do not receive a confirmation e-mail after registration

If you register an account with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the sender's address You should receive this e-mail within minutes. Please make sure that this address is not blocked by your e-mail provider or the message has been moved to the junk folder.

Some e-mail providers use Greylisting and don't deliver our e-mails to the recipient after the first try. Our e-mail server is trying to send the e-mail again after some time. Only after a second deliver attempt, the e-mail is routed to the recipient. In the worst case this procedure can last up to one hour.

If your e-mail provider is checking the SPF-records you might not receive our e-mails when you forward them to another e-mail. Please read forwared e-mails are not deliverd.

For most e-mail providers, you can also add our sender address or domain to your white list to ensure safe delivery.

If you still do not receive an e-mail from us, you have the following options:

  • Contact your system administrator. He can check why the E-mail was not delivered
  • Register with a different e-mail address
  • Have you misspelled your e-mail address? Correct it here.
  • Use an alternative login option through Facebook or LinkedIn

I lost my password. How do I login?

Go the login page, fill out your e-mail and click on "1-time Login". Please make sure that you are using the same email as when you have signed up.

You will receive an e-mail from the sender's address This e-mail will include a 1-time login link. After you have logged into your account using this link please change your password immediately.

You should receive this e-mail within minutes. Please make sure that this address is not blocked by your e-mail provider or the message has been moved to the junk folder.

For most e-mail providers, you can also add our sender address or domain to your white list.

If you still do not receive an e-mail from us, contact your system administrator. He can check why the E-mail was not delivered.

I have misspelled my e-mail during the registration process. How can I login?

If you have misspelled your e-mail during the registration process you can correct it here:
Change E-Mail-Address

I want to terminate my account. How do I delete my account?

Please go to your account settings and scroll down to account termination. Then click on 'Terminate Account'.

Where do I get help and support?

If you subscribe to a Premium or White Label membership, you get up to one hour assistance and support. We are happy to answer questions about the platform. Support services do not include implementation work nor creating mobile websites or QR Codes from our side.

Contact Us

You can also give us feedback or request new features in our feature database and you will find more resources and How-To's on our Blog.

How can I be sure that in the free account, my QR codes will remain working forever, for free?

Our free service is offered on an as-is basis, see our terms of service. We currently have more than 50000 satisfied users on a rock solid platform. Users are always welcome to test our premium solutions, however will never charge to the users for the free solution. Our service was launched in 2011, so we have survived the start-up phase and our teething troubles. Today we are a profitable business with organic growth.

How many QR codes can I manage in my account?

You can find the exact number of QR codes per account in our price list.

The number corresponds to the maximum total number of QR codes that you can manage and change from your account after registration.

The number does not refer to QR codes per month or QR codes per year - the number of available QR codes remains the same for the entire life time of your account. You can upgrade to a different plan at any time or contact us for an individual offer if you need more than 500 QR codes.

I created a QR code from another company. Can I activate and edit the QR code via your service?

It will depend on the URL encoded in the QR Code. You can easily find out by scanning it and looking at the destination URL from your QR Code scanner.

  • Your provider URL is encoded. If you have created a QR code in a paid account with a competitor, you must first activate the account with the provider and the code will work again.
    You can then redirect the QR Codes to our platform if you wish. This will involve having both accounts active.

  • Your own domain/subdomain is encoded. If it was created using your own domain, you can easily recreate them using our White Label QR Code Manager
    We also offer a paid white label solution that makes your QR Codes independent of us. You can switch to another provider at any time and move your existing QR codes.

If you want to use QR codes in the future, we offer a free version.
Please refer to our product page

Can I downgrade from my existing plan to another?

It depends. If you have a

Paid plan (Starter, Premium or White Label) > Free plan
No. The domain in the QR Code changes when upgrading and you cannot go back to your free plan.

Premium > Starter
Yes. Please contact our support team and we will take care of the changes.

White Label > Paid plans (Starter or Premium)
Yes. However, it is only possible if you have only 1 user under the White Label plan and you are not using a custom domain. Please contact our support team and we will take care of the changes.


  • The next invoice will reflect the conditions of your new plan
  • Partial refunds cannot be offered when downgrading
  • You cannot have more QR Codes or Landing Pages than the ones on the new plan before downgrading

Will a free QR code be deleted if I also signed up for a paid plan?

QR codes created in a free account have no expiration date.

QR codes created in a paid account will be deactivated if you do not subscribe to a paid plan.

It is not possible to transfer QR codes from a paid account to a free account.

QR Codes

Are QR Codes for free?

Yes, the term QR Code (QR = Quick Response) itself is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated, but the use of QR codes is free.

The QR Codes that you create on our website can be used free of charge and commercially and you can create as many static QR codes as you want.

What is the minimum size of a QR Code?

A QR code with a length of up to 72 characters (this is the length of a typical URL) should be printed in a size of 2 x 2 cm when scanned from a distance of 20 cm. Theoretically, smaller sizes of 1 x 1 cm are possible on modern smartphones with a camera that supports autofocus. Learn more in our post Minimum Size of a QR Code.

Do my QR Codes expire?


Static QR Codes never expire since the target URL is encoded in the QR Code and you will be redirected to the URL directly.

Dynamic QR Codes in your free account will never expire, except you will delete the QR Code yourself or the target URL is redirecting you to an expired website. Our broken link checker will always keep you informed if your QR Codes are working.

After the evaluation period on one of our paid subscription plans, your account will be deactivated and therefore your QR Codes will stop working if you do not subscribe. However, once subscribed your QR Codes will not expire if you have been a customer for at least one year and if you have no pending invoices.

Is a QR Code still readable when some areas of the QR Code are damaged?

When creating a QR Code, a certain level of error correction can be specified so that the code stays readable, even if the QR Code is partially damaged or hidden. There are 4 different levels:

  • Level L - up to 7%
  • Level M - up to 15%
  • Level Q - bis 25%
  • Level H - up to 30% may be damaged

The higher the error correction, the more the QR code can be damaged, but the bigger is the size of the QR Code. Learn more about this topic in our post QR Code error correction.

Please find a detailed tutorial how to print QR Codes here Printing Guide for QR Codes.

What is a static QR Code?

A static QR Code has the target URL directly encoded and will never expire. However, there are some crucial disadvantages when using static QR codes:

  • You cannot track who scanned the QR Code but more important:
  • You cannot change the target URL once you have printed the QR Code! So, if the target URL is broken or not reachable the QR Code will not work anymore. Therefore, we strongly recommend you use dynamic QR Codes.

Learn more about the difference between a static and dynamic QR Code.

How do I create a designer QR Code?

To create a Designer QR Code follow those steps:

  1. Click on one of your QR Codes and choose Custom QR Code
  2. Choose the colours for the QR Code
  3. Choose a design pattern
  4. Set an optional logo inside the QR Code
  5. Put a frame around the QR Code
  6. Set a call-to-action
  7. Download the QR Code

Read our full Epic QR Code Designer Guide for detailed instructions and tipps.

Why is my designer QR Code not readable?

Caution should be exercised with Designer QR Codes. If the QR code has too many design elements, it will no longer work. For example, if the squares in the QR code are converted into circles and a logo is also placed in the QR code, the QR Code might not be readable anymore.

Possible Reasons

There are a number of reasons why a QR code cannot be read

  • You are using an old smartphone with a poor camera resolution
  • The QR Code Reader app has a bad algorithm to decrypt the QR Codes
  • Some QR code Readers cannot decode a white QR code on a black background
  • The logo in the QR code is too big
  • The colors have too little contrast with the background
  • Instead of squares, design elements such as round or polygon symbols are used in the QR code


Should there be reading problems with a QR code

  • reduce the design elements
  • remove or resize the logo
  • make sure that the colors of the individual elements have enough contrast with the background color

The safest variant that a QR code can be read by all readers, is the Standard QR Code . or the Transparent QR Code .

The less complex the QR Code, the easier it is to decrypt it. Designer QR codes are more difficult to decode, so the scan position, the angle of the camera to the QR code and how far the camera is from the QR code matters. How well a QR code can be read also varies from app to app and algorithm to algorithm.

Test, Test, Test

At each design step, test whether the QR code is still readable and only after then add a new design element.

Also note that not all QR code readers can decode the Designer QR code equally well. Basically, you should always test with a smartphone with a poor camera and apps with weak decoding algorithms. If the designer QR code can still be read, you are on the safe side.

Is there a possibility to include a video (e.g. from YouTube) or a mp4 file in a QR Code?

Yes, you can! Simple redirect to a video URL in a QR Code and a user can watch the video on his mobile phone right after scanning the QR Code. The video must be hosted on a third party platform (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube). We do not host videos ourselves.

Create a YouTube QR Code

My QR Code does not work anymore. Please help!

First check if your QR Code is static or dynamic

Get a QR Code Reader and scan your QR Code. Make sure that you have a QR Code App that displays the URL before redirecting you to the website. If the URL starts with it is a dynamic QR Code anything else would be a static QR Code or you have created the QR Code with another service, which, if that is the case, we cannot help. More details to find out what URL is stored in your QR Code can be found in the post Decoding QR Codes

Static QR Codes

If you have created a static QR Code and the QR Code is redirecting to a URL that does not exist anymore, you have to restore the target URL, otherwise the QR Code will not work anymore. We strongly recommend you to use dynamic QR Codes in the future.

Dynamic QR Code

If you have created a dynamic QR Code, the good news is that you can change the target URL without printing your QR Code again. To do so please log into your account. If you forgot your password or you cannot login, please read our Your Account FAQs

Update the target URL of an existing QR Code

Please check first if your target URL, that the QR Code is redirecting to, exists. If the target URL is not available (anymore), the QR Code is working, but the website behind has to be restored. If the website is not available anymore you can change the target URL of the dynamic QR Code to a webpage that exists as shown in the following screenshot.

Edit an URL of a dynamic QR Code

Re-Create a deleted QR Code

If you have deleted the dynamic QR Code in your account, just create a new QR Code with the same custom shortened URL. To do so enter the target URL first and then click on "Optional Settings" and set the same custom shortened URL as shown in the following screenshot.

Set custom shortened URL

How do I restore a deleted QR Code?

If you have deleted a QR Code you can either recreate it using the same short URL or you can go to your log section. You can go to you log from your account settings and click on Restore.

  • Please nothe that this will restore only the QR Codes and the target URL. Old scan statistics will not be restored since they were deleted.
  • You cannot restore advanced QR Codes (App, PDF, Multilanguage, Geofenced, etc.) and landing pages. In that case you have to recreate it using the same short URL.

If you did not print out your QR Code yet, just create a new one with your previous target URL. If your QR Code is already public, please decode the QR Code and create a new QR Code with that same Vanity URL.

How do I clear all or delete specific test scans so that they don't mess up the statistics?

If you want to delete your test scans you have two options.

Reset all scans

Click on options next to the QR Code and click on Reset. This will reset all tracking data at once.

reset qr code

Delete specific scans

You can also delete specific scans. Go to the statistics of your QR Code and scroll to the bottom. In the list of scans click on the trash icon to delete a specific scan.

delete qr code scans

Can I deactivate a QR Code?

We do not offer the option to deactivate a QR Code. You can always delete it, but you have to take into account that if a user scans a printed code it will return an error message.

A best practice would be do one of the following options:

  • Change destination URL - You can change the destination URL of a QR Code any time (Options > Edit URL)
  • Change destination URL and create a custom landing page - You can create a custom landing page to inform the user why the QR Code is not longer valid and redirect the it to this page.
  • Use scheduling function - If you know in advance when a QR Code has to redirect to a different URL you can plan ahead of time using the Schedule function (Options > Schedule)

Help! My QR Code has been hijacked! How is this possible?

If you create a dynamic QR Code on our platform nobody can change the target URL except you or anyone who has access to your account. We do use SSL for secure communication so it is very unlikely some intercepts your session. There is a much higher chance that the website of where your QR Code leads to has been compromised.

What is an offline QR Code?

An offline QR Code is a QR Code where all information is encoded in the code itself and no Internet connection is necessary. One big disadvantage of offline QR Codes is that once they are printed their content cannot be changed in comparison to dynamic QR Codes. Read more about offline QR Codes.

Can I change the URL in my QR Code?

If you created a dynamic QR Code you can change the target URL anytime. The QR Code stays the same and you don't have to print the QR Code again. Read more about dynamic QR Codes.

How do I create a one-time scan QR Code?

With scheduled QR Codes you are able to create one-time scanable QR Codes the redirect the user to a specific URL only for one time. Read the following tutorial how this works.

How to create one-time scanable QR Codes

How does a shortened (=custom or vanity) URL in a QR Code work?

If you create a QR Code you can shorten the URL, so less characters must be encoded in the QR Code. Thus the QR Codes is smaller in size and you need less space when you print the QR Code. The shortened URL in the QR Code is also called a custom URL or vanity URL.

Please note, that you can not change the shortened URL after creation. You will need to create a new QR Code with a different shortened URL.

To give you an example of a regular URL versus a shortened URL:

The very moving farewell speech at Stanford University by Steve Jobs in 2005 can be found at:

QR Code with long URL

The smaller QR Code with the shortened URL looks like this:

QR Code with shortened URL

I have already created and printed my QR Code. Can I change the URL of my QR Code?

Yes, in a dynamic QR Code you can change the destination URL at any time. Static QR Codes have the destination address is permanently entered and the URL can not be changed after creation. Learn more about a static versus a dynamic QR Code.

I created a QR code in the past to use in print media. How do I decode the URL of the QR Code and how do I find out if it is dynamic or static QR Code?

Get a QR Code Reader and scan the QR Code. Make sure that you have a QR Code App that displays the URL before redirecting you to the website. If the URL starts with "" it is a dynamic QR Code anything else would be a static QR Code. Read more about:

Decoding QR Codes

Yes, you can directly upload your logo in the vectorized .eps format or as rasterized .png, .jpg or .gif file. After merging the QR Code with your logo the branded QR Code can be printed in a perfect quality and any size. Please also test the branded QR Code, by scanning it from different apps and devices before going into production. Read more under:

Embed a logo in a QR Code

How do I create a transparent QR Code?

QR Code Options Design QR Code

Please click on the options next to the QR Code and then on Design QR.

Transparent QR Code

Now click on the right transparent QR Code icon.

Create Demo Transparent QR Code

I want to print a QR Code on a big poster. Do you have QR Codes in a high resolution?

Yes. All QR Codes can be downloaded in a scale able vector format as .eps,.svg or .pdf image.

pdf eps svg

I have two QR Codes with the same URL encoded, but they look different. Why?

Every QR Code Generator uses different algorithms and also different encodings (Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte Mode, Kanji Mode, ECI Mode) when creating a QR Code. Therefore, it is possible that different looking QR Codes can have the same text information encoded. Another possibility are different error correction levels (L, M, Q or H). The higher the error correction is set the bigger the QR Code gets. Learn more about here:


What QR Code Scanner do you recommend?

For iPhones you don't need a QR Code Scanner. Since version iOS11 you can scan a QR Code with the native camera app. For all other phones we recommend the QR Code Scanner from i-Nigma. Learn more about here

QR Code Scannner

How do I scan a QR code using the same mobile that is appearing on without having need to use another mobile phone or scanner?

Just make a screenshot of the QR Code and decode the QR Code with one of the following Apps:

Here is an example how to make a screenshot with an iOS device and how to decode the QR Code by just simply click on the image icon at the top and select the screenshot from the image library.

Scan QR Code from image library

I created a Facebook QR Code, but it does not redirect me to the Facebook page. Why?

Read our latest blog post on how to Deep Link QR Code in Facebook

Use QR Code Reader with deep linking

If you scan a QR code and the internal browser of the QR Code Reader App is called, the internal browser may not be able to switch to the Facebook app. Try to scan the QR Code with our reference QR Code Reader App.

Check Facebook URL

The other possibility is that you have entered a wrong Facebook URL when you created the Facebook QR Code.
Check if the URL really redirects to your Facebook page.

Update Facebook App

Your current version of your Facebook App does not support mobile deep linking. You can find this out by scanning the following reference QR Code, you should be redirected to the Facebook Fan Page of directly. If this is not the case, your Facebook App does not support deep linking.

facebook qr code

Are you referencing to a Facebook Group?

If you want to link to a Facebook Group you need the Facebook Group ID first.

You can find the Group ID it the Source Code of the Group Page. For example go to this group page and press CTRL - u to access the source code. Then search for fb://group/ and you will find a fragment like this where you can copy the Group ID:

<meta property="al:android:url" content="fb://group/691611197690284" />

Now you can use the following URL to create a Facebook QR Code that automagically redirects the user to your group in the Facebook App when installed:

Why only text is shown in the QR Reader and I'm not redirected to the website after scanning?

Some QR Code readers only recognize a link if a protocol http:// is placed in front of the URL. If you create a QR Code with the URL without a protocol some readers will interpret this as plain text. Always create links with the protocol e.g. in front of the URL to make sure that every reader redirects you to the desired website immediately after scanning.

I have downloaded a high resolution file of a QR Code and it's only 5 kilobytes in size. Isn't that much too small to print on a big billboard?

The beauty of vector graphic is that you can make them as big as you want without blurring the QR Code, because only polygons are saved and not pixel by pixel. Therefore only very little memory is needed.

I have created a QR Code that links to a PDF file. Can I change the content of the PDF if the name remains the same?

The QR Code only contains the link to the .pdf file and not its content. So if the file is edited, nothing changes in the QR Code.

How do I create multilanguage PDF QR Code?

Using the multilingual QR Code solution you can create a single QR Code that launches a different PDF file depending on the language of the user's device. This is a very powerful, contactless and paper-saving solution in cases like restaurant menus, instruction manuals or touristic guides.

How to create Multilingual PDF QR Codes

Multilingual QR Code PDF

How do I add an image in my PDF QR Code instead of the default image?

While creating the PDF QR Code, or clicking on "Options > Edit" for existing PDF QR Codes, you can add a cover image to the preview page instead of the default PDF thumbnail.

Edit PDF QR Codes

You can add a title, a description, a website and show/hide the sharing button.

You can also set a direct download of the PDF file without an intermediate page. It works well with Apple devices, since they can display the PDF file directly in the browser after scanning the QR code. This option is not recommended on Android devices, since a download usually takes place in the background and the PDF file is not immediately displayed.

Assign cover image to PDF QR Code

How do I create scheduled QR Codes with recurring redirects?

If a user scans a QR code for which recurring redirects are stored, he will be redirected to a specific landing page depending on the time and day of the week.

This is useful for restaurant owners, when they, for example, want to present special menus for their guests on certain days. In the following tutorial you will learn how to create recurring redirects for digital menu cards in PDF format.

Create QR codes with recurring redirects

QR Code Tracking

What is the difference between Unique Visitors and Requests?

Unique Visitors

Unique Visitors is the number of clearly identifiable devices that scanned the QR Code. The number is computed by summing up all unique IP addresses from the devices. The IP addresses are stored anonymously and a scan can never be directly linked with a person. Thus scans are anonymous and GDPR compliant.

Requests (Scans)

The number of requests indicates how often the QR Code has been scanned. A QR Code may be scanned 1 or more times by the same person. Therefore, the number of requests is always greater than or equal to the number of unique visitors.

Note: If you scan a QR Code from different devices and they are all connected to the same Wifi-network, the number of unique visitors is 1 and will not increase.

Can I get the phone number, name or address of the person who scanned the QR Code?

For security reasons it is not possible to track the person's phone number or any other details like name or contacts from the address book just by scanning the QR Code.

However, you can build a form on your landing page to retrieve personal data of the person who scans the QR Code. See How to generate Leads?

If I look at the statistics I see scans and requests from countries where I did not publish the QR Code. How come?

We identify a QR Code scan by the device's IP address and the user agent sent by the device. There are three scenarios, why a QR Code incorrectly shows up from a different country:

  • The device is behind a proxy (e.g. Blackberry devices are routing all their Internet traffic through the U.S.)
  • A bot from abroad is faking its user agent. Normally we filter out bot requests. However, if a Bot is sending a regular user agent string (like an Apple iPhone does) we cannot distinguish between a real iPhone and the Bot.
  • We are looking up IP addresses to their countries with the database from Even they claim there is a 99,8% accuracy on country level, there is a chance that the IP address is assigned to the wrong country and therefore will display you the wrong information.

The most accurate results you get, when you enable the GPS tracking function for QR Codes.

Another possibility that requests show up from a different country is that the URL might have been shared through Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat or other social media platforms by the user or the app after scanning. You can have a look on the Referred section of the statistic page for more details.

How can I view how many visitors have scanned my QR Code?

Using the QR Code Manager lets you manage all your QR Codes at once and you can view scanning statistics including unique visitors, visiting countries, browsers and more.

How accurate is the position of where the QR Code has been scanned?

First and foremost, the IP address of the smartphone that scanned the QR code is used. This allows the country of origin to be determined with an accuracy of 99%. The IP address itself is not stored by us to stay compatible with the GDRP and CCPA

For each IP address also a position is approximated. The accuracy can range from one to 1000 kilometers. On average the accuracy is about 200 kilometers. If you would like to determine a more precise position, activate the GPS location in the options menu of a QR code.

If the GPS tracking function is switched on for a trackable QR code, the position can be determined down to an accuracy of only a few meters. Read more about:

QR Code tracking with GPS

What personal data do you collect during tracking and is this GDPR compliant?

The good news is that the tracking process itself does not store any personal data. When requesting a tracking URL or scanning a dynamic QR code you do not have to worry about GDPR or CCPA. We just store

  • the scanning device (user agent)
  • to local time when the link was requested
  • the anonymized IP (the IP is stored anonymously in the database as a hash value. It is not possible to relate to a person with the anonymized IP address)
  • Before the IP address is anonymized, the country and city are extracted from it, if possible. For this we use a local database from which we can read the country information. No third-party server or API is included.

The redirection to the destination address is executed directly via a 301 redirect and we do not place any cookies on the scanning device.

Is Geo Targeting with QR Codes supported?

Yes. Geo-targeted QR Codes redirect the user to a specific website depending from which country he is scanning the QR Code. This feature is available in the White Label QR Code Manager.

I already have a QR Code. Can I integrate it in your system for tracking?

If you created a static QR Code, you can NOT integrate it in our system.

However, if you have a dynamic QR Code, you can integrate the code in our system by following the steps below:

  • Create a dynamic QR Code on qrd°by that redirects to the URL of your original QR Code.
  • Then redirect your original QR Code to the shortened URL of the newly created QR Code on qrd°by.

The result is a double redirect. If your original QR Code is scanned, the user will be redirect to the shortened URL of the QR Code in our system. There we will track where, when and from which device the QR Code has been scanned before we forward the user to the original URL.

How does geotagging work with QR Codes?

You have three possibilities to create a QR Code with geo information:

  • You can encode a position in the QR Code, that will show the location to the user after scanning the QR Code. This is called a GEO QR Code
  • You can add an address to the QR Code, if you know where you want the place the QR Code e.g. at your door, at a bus station, at your office. Any time your QR Codes are scanned you can see on a map where and how often your QR Codes have been scanned. Create a geo-tagged QR Code
  • If you print your QR Codes e.g. on flyers and you want to know where your QR Codes are scanned, you can enable the GPS tracking feature. People are asked to submit their location after scanning the QR Code. Learn more about QR Code GPS tracking

What happens when I exceed my daily scan limits?

In general, a scan limitation only applies to a free account when using dynamic QR Codes.

COVID19 tracing - digital guest lists

The scan limitation does not apply to digital guest lists that can be used as an aid to contain the COVID19 virus.

Unlimited Scans for static QR Codes

Static QR Codes have no limit at all, since they are not routed through our servers.

Limits for dynamic QR Codes and Landing Pages

If you use a free account, we rely on a fair use policy of 100 scans per day. If this daily limit is exceeded once, you will receive an information e-mail from us, which notifies you that if the limit is exceeded again, the account and the QR Code or Landing Page will be blocked.

The redirection of the QR Code continues to work even if the daily limit is exceeded for the first time. However, if the scan limit is exceeded a second time, you will receive an e-mail from us, that the QR Code has been temporarily deactivated until you switch to a paid plan.

Subscribing to our Starter Plan with a one-time annual membership of USD 60, - will allow you unlimited scans and the QR Codes or Landing Pages continue to work even when terminating your subscription.

When I export a .csv file of QR Code scanning statistics to Excel the file is broken up and not very usable.

The exported csv file uses a semicolon ; as a column separator. If your Excel uses a comma , as a default separator when opening a csv file, all data will show up in one column.

You can overcome this problem by opening Excel, go to the Data menu and click on From Text. Then select your csv file and choose the file type delimited and select the ; as a column separator.

If a QR Codes is scanned with the iPhone from your paid account, instead of the domain is shown. Can I change the domain, without the old QR codes becoming invalid?

change domain

Yes. In the integrated scanner of your iPhone the preview only shows the top-level domain without the subdomain.

If you want your own domain to be displayed, we recommend our white label product. There you can run our platform under your own domain e.g.

If you create a QR code and then scan it with an iPhone, the domain will be displayed in the preview instead of

More about this product and instructions on how to set it up Domain can be found at:

You can upgrade your current plan to the white label plan at any time in your account settings. Existing QR codes continue to work and newly created ones will contain the domain you have selected.

When I scan a QR Code, I get the scan notification always twice by e-mail. Why is that?

We only send one message per scan per second. You will receive a scan notification as often as the link in the QR Code of is scanned from a mobile device. Some QR Code Readers request the link twice, this explains the double notification.

When I scan a QR Code on my Blackberry, it does not redirect me to the destination page. Why?

We generally use QR codes with a secure URL encoded, for example
If the QR code now redirects to an insecure website without an SSL certificate, Blackberry refuses to forward.
We strongly recommend that you secure your landing page with an SSL certificate. These are available free of charge at This not only makes your website safe, it is also rewarded by Google and may appear in a better place in the search result.

Is the application guaranteed free of advertising? So when a user scans a code, it is forwarded directly to the destination address, without banners etc. being displayed?

Our service is free of any kind of advertising.

If a user is using a free QR Code reader, the reader app may display an advertising banner. We have nothing to do with this and unfortunately have no influence on it.

The good news is: almost all smartphones can already be used with the built-in camera app read the QR Code and make third-party applications obsolete. This means that neither we nor the smartphone will display advertising banners.

If you user our white label product, you can additionally use our service under your domain (e.g.

Learn more about our White Label QR Code Manager

I have changed my subdomain but when I scan a dynamic QR code, the old domain still appears. Why?

QR Codes that you have already printed will not show the new domain, because the QR Code has the old domain encoded. However, if you print new QR Codes the new domain will show in the QR Code. Please note that this is independent of the target URL. By using dynamic QR Codes you can always change the target URL even after printing.​

Landing Pages

When I try to save a business card on my phone I get the error message: "Frame load interrupted"

This message may occur if you are scanning a QR Code of a mobile business card with the QR Code Reader Quick Scan from iHandy Inc. The app cannot handle the mime type “text/vcard”. We already send the bug report to iHandy Inc. but did not get any response.

Please use another QR Code reader instead. Here is a list of QR Code Readers we recommend:

QR Code Readers

Please note you do NOT need a QR Code Reader on iPhones since iOS11.

Learn more...

What media types can I link with QR Codes (Fotos, Images, PDF, Pictures, Videos, Photos,...)?

In the media library you can upload pictures or pdf documents and link them directly with a QR Code.
You can also link your QR Code to a YouTube Video or any other video platform like Vimeo. We do not host videos.

Pictures,Photos and PDF documents linked to a QR Code in the media library

What is a "call to action" button and what can I do with it?

Call-2-action buttons may be placed on a landing page to offer a user a specific action that will be triggered when the button is pressed. An example is to show a "Call me" button on a digital business card that allows the user to initiate a call to the owner of the business. More use cases:

  • Initiate a call
  • Download a PDF
  • Send an E-Mail
  • Goto an Address
  • Start a WhatsApp Chat

Are mobile landing pages crawl able by bots?

In the landing pages editor you have the option to hide your mobile business card from search engines who respect the noindex, nofollow meta tag.
When we see bots crawling a landing page, we do not display or output any e-mail address.
Bots who do not respect meta tags or fake their user agents may index your landing pages if your pages are linked from any other public website.

How do I create one-time redeemable vouchers for a coupon that can be redeemed only once?

You may want to follow our tutorial: How to create one-time redeemable QR Code Coupons

Is there a way to have the MP3 automatically start playing when the landing page is opened?

Autoplay is generally not recommended as it is seen as a negative user experience. Moreover, Autoplay is disabled in many browsers like in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. See:

How do I download the leads collected from my lead forms?

Once your lead form starts collecting user's data, a little icon will show on your landing pages list:

Dowload leads

This page will only show name and email.

If you want to download all the fields of the lead form you can:

  • Click on the "Export CSV" button
  • Download them using the API Lead form

NOTE: You can also post the leads on a third party system using Webhooks

Dowload detailed leads

Are my landing pages indexed by Google? Can I remove them?

Yes, the business cards and coupon landing pages are indexed by the search engines. If you do not want this to happen, you can click on the checkbox to “Hide from search engines” to avoid being indexed.

No index

If a landing page has been indexed by Google and you want to remove it, you can either delete the page or click on the checkbox to “Hide from search engines” so next time Google reviews your page it will be removed.

We have no influence on the timing when Google adds or removes your data from its cache.

Trial Period

Will my QR Codes continue to work after the trial period of a paid account?

The QR codes remain active when subscribing to a premium account. The QR codes remain (if desired) further active when you cancel your membership by at least one year. The prerequisite is that all outstanding invoices have been paid.

How can I upgrade to a paid account?

To subscribe to a paid account, choose a payment method in your account under the menu item "Upgrade". The monthly fees are then debited once a quarter or once a year.

Do I get a reminder before my account expires?

You will receive a reminder 1 week before the trial ends per mail. If you subscribe to a premium membership, you get the invoices via mail every quarter or once a year.

Are there limitations in trial mode?

During your trial the following functions are limited

  • CSV import and batch QR Code generation is limited to 3 QR-Codes
  • vCard import is disabled

If you need to go live or your are ready to sign up, you can go ahead and activate your subscription anytime by entering your company and payment data in the payment section.

Don’t worry about doing this before the trial period is over, those first 30 days will not be invoiced even if you activate your account after 1 week of trial.


I would like you to sign my Data Processing Agreement (DPA) contract.

Due to the high number of users on our portal, we are unfortunately unable to sign individual DPA contracts that you send us.

We have set up a standard DPA contract for this.

By opening a paid account, we automatically create a DPA with your and our contact information. You can conclude the contract online and receive it as a PDF document for download.

Our DPA contains in the appendix all the necessary prerequisites, that a GDPR compliant use of our service is possible. Appendix 1 contains our security concept and the technical organizational measures (TOMs) which include the data protection concept, availability control, input control and access control. Appendix 2 shows our subprocessors, which we will inform you about if a new external data processor is added.

You do not have to send us the DPA. The DPA serves for your safety that we as a partner are GDPR compliant and you can present the contract in the event of an inspection by the GDPR-authority.

Download DPA Example

Do you have access to my personal data I have created?

Yes, we can see the data you have created. Just like any other software-as-a-service provider can or must be able to see the data, if the data has to be forwarded to authorities due to criminal relevance.

However, access to our data is precisely defined in the DPA contract. The advantage that we can offer you compared to other competitors is that all data is stored in our data center in Vienna and is not shared with third-party providers.


What are the benefits of a paid account?

In a paid subscription you have no scan limits (in free accounts 100 scans per day per QR Code are allowed). You can create a higher amount of QR Codes (up to 500) and 500 landing pages. Look at the feature list to compare the details.

I upgraded to a Premium Account. Can I import my QR Codes from the free Account?

Yes, you can! By upgrading to a premium account your own sub domain will be assigned to you (e.g. This is a different URL than the QR Codes have in your free account (starting with You can use the migrate function in the bulk section of your premium account to import and manage all QR Codes from your free account in the premium account.

  • all existing dynamic QR Codes from your free account will continue to work.
  • the statistics from the free account will be migrated to the premium account.
  • however, if you have designer QR Codes please make a backup of them. The design will not be imported to the premium account.

Can I use the White Label QR Code Manager with an SSL certificate of my own domain (e.g.

Yes. We support SSL certificates from for your custom white label domain.

I want to change the domain URL of my White Label Account.
Will my existing QR Codes continue to work?

Yes. Your existing QR Codes will continue to work if you set a new produciotn domain in the branding section.

I want to change the subdomain of my Premium Account. How?

If you signed up using a subdomain you need to change now, you have to your account settings in the top right of your account.

Scroll down to "Update Subdomain" and set your new desired subdomain.

Note: your existing QR Codes will continue to work. >

I want to upgrade from a Premium Account to a White Label Account.
Will my existing QR Codes continue to work?

Yes. Your existing QR Codes will continue to work if you upgrade to the white label plan.

I want to use your platform in a different language. What languages do you support?

Our platform speaks German, English, Spanish and Swedish out of the box. However, you can add any custom language to your account. We offer you a function in our White Label Platform, where you can translate or replace each element on the platform with your own words.

Can I have extra webspace?

​Each user has a webspace quota where they can store

  • Images
  • PDF documents
  • MP3 files

Each plan offers an increasing amount of webspace

Plan Webspace (MB)
Starter 50
Premium 100
White Label 100 per user

​ If you need more webspace please let us know how much extra space you will need, describe your use case and we can quote you.

If you are going to need lots of extra webspace you may also consider to host your files with a 3rd party service or with your own hosting provider.


Is really free? provides for all marketing agencies and companies a free QR Code Tracking service, with the aim of providing valuable and reliable data on the dissemination and effectiveness of QR Code campaigns to be made available to the public.

All QR Codes generated on are free and commercially usable.

If you need a higher number of QR Codes that are available in our free plan have a look on our paid plans

How long is the contract period or the cancelation period for an account?

The minimum contract term is 3 months. You can also subscribe to any of our paid plans annually. With annual payment we offer 20 percent discount.

Payment is made in advance, you can always cancel up to a week or one month for annual subscriptions before the end of the contract period. Your membership is automatically renewed if you are not canceling your account.

More information on termination

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit Cards, Wire transfer and Paypal

We support American Express, VISA or Master Card. You can also pay with PayPal. Payment by bank transfer is also accepted under certain conditions. Learn more about our Payment methods

My Credit Card expired. How do I re-activate?

If you want to change your card or re-enter your credit card information, go to the payment section and click on "Choose payment method". There you can enter your updated credit card data.

My Credit Card is not accepted. Why?

If there are any problems registering or debiting from your credit card please follow the link to get help: Resolving Credit Card Problems

Can I pay annually?

Yes. You can select the billing cycle on a quarterly or annual basis. The portal fee will be charged in advance. If you are running a White Label instance, the fee for the created users will be charged in retrospect on the next invoice or when terminating the account.

Am I required to pay VAT?

For members of the European Union

As a company in an EU country outside Austria, with a valid VAT number, name and address we can issue you invoices without VAT.

For non-members of the European Union

All invoices for customers outside the EU are issued without VAT.

How do I cancel my subscription and terminate my account?

You can cancel the subscription in your »Account« tab anytime by clicking on »Terminate Account«.

Once you have purchased one of our products you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. After that time, we cannot refund you any money on a purchased product.

You can test your account for 30 days free-of-charge. If you do not enter your payment data in the »Account« section when logged in during the trial, your account will be set inactive after the trial has ended. If you enter your payment data, we will charge the amount due on a quarterly or annual basis in advance and send you an invoice accordingly.

The minimum contract term is 3 Month. If you decide to terminate your account in the current billing cycle we cannot give a refund.

If you cancel your subscription, we will not debit from your credit card or send you invoices again after the end of the billing cycle stated on your last invoice.

I would like to purchase your platform to host on my own server. What is the price or license costs?

We do not sell or license our software to be hosted on third party servers.

I need a tax residence certificate for your country from your company for tax issues

  • Tax Authorities in Austria need up to 25 business days to issue a tax residence certificate for your country.
  • The costs to issue a tax residence certificate are USD 100,-
  • Issuing a tax residence certificate is only available for white label customers with an annual subscription.

Please contact us if the conditions above apply to you.

Does my company's VAT ID has to be on the invoice if I come from Austria?

No. The VAT number of the recipient of the service only needs to be indicated on invoices with a total amount of more than EUR 10,000 including VAT. Source:

How long will it take to have my money back into my accouny after a refund?

Our payment provider submits refunds to your bank immediately. Depending on the bank's processing time, it can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up on your bank account.

My VAT ID is not accepted even it is correct. Why?

There are 2 possibilities why you VAT ID is not accepted

  1. The information that you entered in your account (company name and address) is different than the one stored with your financial department.
  2. The service that checks if your VAT ID is correct is temporarily down.

If the first point applies, you can check your VAT ID on the official website and compare the data with the one you provided in your account.

In the latter case please be patient and try updating your account data again the next day, by just clicking "Update Account". It happens from time to times that the VAT ID check service is not available in your country temporarily.

Once the VAT ID is validated the VAT is deducted from your last invoice and transferred back to your PayPal or credit card. Future invoices will be issued without VAT as well.


Can I integrate your platform in a third-party solution/environment or connect them using Zapier? Do you offer any kind of plugin/library for WordPress?

Yes, you can integrate our platform on any third party solution. However, we are not in Zapier or have any WordPress plugin at this point.

You can use our QR Code API, which is comprehensively documented and included in all of our plans. You will be able to manage users with the White Label Admin API and create, update or get the statistics of your dynamic QR Codes and landing pages with the User API.

You can also use Webhooks in many contexts, for example when a QR Code was scanned, a lead form has been submitted or a voucher has been redeemed.

How can I view German umlauts when exporting data to Excel lists?

If umlauts are not displayed correctly in exported CSV files, open the CSV file in Excel as follows:

  1. Click on the tab "Data"
  2. Click "From Text/CSV"
  3. A dialog opens where you select the entry "Unicode UTF-8" in the drop-down menu
  4. Click on "Load" and the file will be imported correctly with the umlauts.
excel import utf8 csv

We will use your solution for a big company that they want include the QR codes in the package of the products, so the QR code will have a very long life. Could you share with us some reference or big customer that are using your solution for this kind of QR in the package for long term?

Here is a list of references from our customers. We are in business since 2011 and have loyal customers from our beginnings until today.

We have big names from health, pharmaceutical and building materials, who are using our QR Codes for product packaging. Agencies book our white label platform to provide QR Code solutions to their clients from fashion industry to banking. We provide services to companies with critical infrastructure, such as network operators. Our platform is regularly checked for security and stability.

And there is NO host hostage! By using our White Label QR Code Manager with your custom domain you are always in control of your QR Codes and we have an easy backup feature that allows you to move to another QR Code provider anytime. Learn more about it here:

No Ads. No Host Hostage. 99,95% Uptime.

By being a customer with us for more than one year enables you to keep your QR Codes alive, even if you cancel your subscription and you have no pending invoices.

I do not receive e-mails from you.

When we send an e-mail we use a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) that your e-mail server can check, if the IP of the server that has sent our e-mail is allowed to do so. If not your e-mail-provider can block our e-mails.

Since we do use a correct SPF-record that matches all IP-addresses of the mail servers we send e-mails from, there is another possible reason why our e-mails are not delivered to your inbox:

The mails we send you, are forwarded to another e-mail address. Since the last e-mail server is seeing the IP address of the forwarding e-mail server and not the IP of our server, the receiving server refuses to deliver the email because the IP check for our SPF record fails.

There are 2 possibilities to overcome this issue:

  • Use an e-mail address in your account that is not forwarding e-mails
  • Disable the SPF-record check on the receiving e-mail-server for the domain

I wrote you an e-mail and my mail has been rejected. Why?

When you send an e-mail to us and you get back an SPF error, you must check with your sysadmin.

This error happens due to anti-spam checks, if you don't have a correct SPF record in your mail domain.
You can type in your domain in the mxtoolbox and see, if it passes. If not, your sysadmin must fix the SPF record.

How can I fix the connection error ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

1. Check your internet connection

You might have to switch from wlan to a cable connection or reset your router.

2. Check browser

You might try to access the website from a different browser, or you can delete the current browser cache and try again. Maybe you have a browser plugin that blocks the website.

3. Check if site is down

Use the following service to check if website is down just for you or for everyone.

4. Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall software.

Check if your antivirus or firewall software is blocking the website.

5. Reset the TCP/IP settings

  • Execute netsh int ip reset
  • Reset the Winsock interface netsh winsock reset
  • Restart the computer

6. Disable proxy server and VPN connections

You might have to disconnect from your proxy or VPN connection and try again to connect.

How can I fix the ssl error ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID?

Empty Browser Cache

Please empty your browser cache, restart your browser and see if the problem still exists.

Start a private session

Sometimes a browser plugin might cause the error. If you open a new browser tab in a private session and the problem does not show up anymore it might be a plugin.

Clear SSL State in Browser

  • In Firefox press Ctrl-Shift-Delete to display the Clear All History dialog immediately. Select the Active Logins check box, before clicking on Clear Now.
  • In Internet Explorer click the Settings icon icon, and then click Internet options. Switch to the Content tab and click Clear SSL state, and then click OK.
  • In Google Chrome click the Settings icon and then click Settings. Then switch to Show advanced settings. Under Network, click Change proxy settings. The Internet Properties dialog box appears. Switch to the Content tab and click Clear SSL state, and then click OK.

Disable Antivirus or Firewall

Sometimes, your antivirus or firewall programs can mess with https sites. This is why your browser may show you some kinds of SSL error message. We recommend you to disable the security programs temporarily and check if that was the reason

How can I fix the ssl error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR?

Google Chrome might display the following error: "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR - This site can’t provide a secure connection". Many reasons can cause this error. It can be a local incorrect system date or complex server issues 

Before you start troubleshooting, please try to load the page with a different browser or device to make sure that the error really only occurs in Chrome.

We suggest you go through the following possible reasons so you can discard them one by one.

1 - Set the correct Date & Time

You might have and incorrect date & time local settings and this will fix the issue. 

If this does not fix it please try step 2.

2 - Clear Chrome’s Browsing Data

Clear Chrome’s cache and cookies. Press Cmd+Shift+Delete on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+Delete on a PC and delete your browsing data.

If this does not fix it please try step 3.

3 - Clearing your SSL State

If none of the above works, clearing your SSL State is the next thing you should try. Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. First, go to Customize and control Google Chrome, the three dots on the top-right corner.
  2. Now click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down the page and open the Advanced Settings.
  4. Go to Open proxy settings by scrolling down or searching in the search bar.
  5. A window named ‘Internet Properties’ will open up.
  6. Go to the Content window and click on the Clear SSL State Button.

Is there any problem using your platform in China?

We have many customers in China and Hong Kong who are using dynamic QR codes without problems. Most of the scans come from WeChat.

Are you displaying ads or banners when scanning a QR Code?

No, we do not display any ads.

Our platform does not show ads in any context. What you are probably seeing are ads from your QR Code scanner application. Some developers create QR Code readers that display adds while scanning the QR Codes. This is a really bad experience for the user. Here you will find free, fast and robust alternatives that will make scanning a better experience with no ads.

Best QR Code Scanner

How can I hide the live chat widget from my White Label account? I don’t want my users to see it.

The live chat on the bottom right corner only appears if you are logged in as the admin of your White Label account. We are only proving support to the admin of the account.

When you are accessing from the live chat is ON, when your users are accessing from the live chat OFF.

That said, if you want to remove the live chat from your white label even for the admin/s, you can add the following code to the Footer custom code of your Branding section:

//Hide the chatbox
Tawk_API.onLoad = function(){

I love your platform and I'm so happy with your service. What can I do to help you growing?

Sharing is caring.

We will very much appreciate if you write an honest review about our platform:

You can also share or follow on the social networks.

I have created a QR Code that redirects to my Instagram account. In some cases the users are redirected to an error page.

Instagram/Facebook have some content policies that require the user to be over a certain age to have access to some specific profiles or company pages (Example: alcohol brands).

The error screen does not display the reason but the user cannot access.

More info: Instagram Help Center - Restricted accounts