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QR Code Trends 2020

Google Trends QR Code

If we look back to 2012 many marketing “experts” killed QR Codes the same way in the 80’s Video Killed the Radio Star.

Posts from Forbes, gizmodo, marketingland and so many others reflect what marketers thought back in 2012: QR Codes are dead. We did some research and found out that trends indicate the opposite case.

With Google Trends you can view the evolution of searches for a given keyword. You can segment your searches by country or region. When looking up the keyword “QR Code” we are getting the following result:

QR Code on Google Trends 2004-2019
Google Trends – Realtime update – https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F03ffw1

What is happening? Why are QR Codes hip again? Looking at the interest and usage of QR Codes, we discover that QR Codes are used more than ever!

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Jordi Hernández

Professional Services Manager at qrd.by