godaddy white label domain setup

Setup a Domain with GoDaddy

When you want to customize your QR Code white label platform you can set your own custom domain in your GoDaddy account.

The following example assumes that you want to run your white label account under the custom domain

First login into your GoDaddy account and choose the domain you want to use for your white label account.

godaddy choose domain

Then click on manage your DNS Settings:

godaddy manage-dns

You will see an overview of your DNS settings. Click on “Add”:

godaddy add dns

Now add a C-Name for a custom subdomain (in this case we use qr as the subdomain)

godaddy add cname

Once you save the record, it should show up in your DNS settings:

godaddy added cname

Now go back to your white label account and set the production domain. It might take up to 24 hours until the DNS is available.

For additional information please read

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