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As of September 2017 updating Apple devices to iOS 11 enables users to read QR Codes without a third party app! Read more about how to use the native camera app decoding QR Codes here

iPhones with iOS11 support native QR Code Reading

ios11 native camera qr code reader iphone

Alternative QR Code Reader for Apple: i-Nigma

Our favorite QR Code Reader for Appe Devices is from i-Nigma. If i-Nigma cannot scan the QR Code no other QR Code reader will do. i-Nigma provides the fastest and most reliable decoding of QR Codes of all QR Code readers we have tested so far.

QR Code Reader iPhone

Official QR Code Reader for Android from Densio Waves

Densio Waves, the inventor of QR Codes, have also published an official QR Code Reader for Android devices.

QR Code Reader Android

QR Code Reader Features

  • Fast and reliable
  • Decodes all QR Code formats
  • Confirming the URL on the screen before opening the URL in the browser
  • History of all scanned QR Codes
  • Favourite QR Codes
  • No Ads are displayed

Beware of Spy QR Code readers

Currently, there are tons of free QR Code Reader apps in stores. But free of charge may be full of pitfalls, which can spoil the pleasure of scanning quickly:

Unwanted advertisements

App manufacturers want to make money. To do this, the QR Code reader displays advertising ads directly after scanning the QR code. Only after a certain time or by clicking on a mostly well-hidden close button you get to the landing page. This costs unnecessary time and annoys.

Calling Home

Some QR code readers are very curious. For example, they would like to access the location data from the smartphone or transmit the visited websites to their servers.

Bad reading behavior

Especially in the creation of Designer QR Codes, some readers fail to decode the QR codes. The worst QR Code Scanner we have come across is QRBot from TeaCapps on iPhone devices. However, this App helps you to verify if a QR Code is readable or not. If this App can read your QR Code every other App will do ;)

Some readers also have problems processing certain file types. For example, it is not possible to add a vCard stored in a QR code to the contact list with some readers.

External USB QR Code Reader

For use in retail, logistics or access control, external QR code readers can be connected via USB to a PC or laptop. This kind of QR code reader works like a keyboard. When a QR code is scanned, the contents of the QR code are displayed on the screen, as if the keyboard is typed.

external usb qr bar code reader

Test External QR Code Reader

QR Code decoding without 3rd party Apps

There are QR Code scanning solutions for Windows, iPhone and Android device that include a QR Code scanner in the native camera app. People will not need to install a 3rd party app anymore but there are limitations… Read more under:

Reading QR Codes without 3rd party app

Webcam QR Code Reader

You may want to decode a QR Code from your PC or laptop directly. This is possible when you have a webcam and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser installed. Just click on the link below and grant permission to Chrome for your webcam to read the QR Code.

Webcam QR Code Reader


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  1. David

    Hello Peter, Is there another QR reader you can recommend, seems that i-nigma is not working anymore, at least in my android phone.


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