Credit card problems, rejection, errors

qrd°by uses the very well established, secure credit card payment gateway service Stripe to process your credit card payment. We do not store any of your credit card information directly in our system.

In case your credit card was rejected by our payment gateway vendor here are some tips to solve the problem.

If none of the following hints helps, the next step is to contact your bank to find out why your card is being declined. The system we use only tells us that the card has been declined but gives no reasons.

Your bank will be able to provide you the exact information why the transaction failed. You may be told initially that your card is fine. However, we recommend that you ask to speak to someone in their fraud protection department who may know better. If you are asked by your bank for the merchant id, please tell them “”.

But first…

  • check that the card hasn’t expired.
  • make sure that your card has sufficient funds.
  • if your bank has refused the payment it might has been flagged as a ‘suspicious international online purchase‘. This is a frequent problem for American customers. The bank may require that you as the cardholder contact them to confirm that we are a valid merchant. Reassure them that the purchase is legitimate and then try again. If there is another issue, they will be able to explain it to you.
  • for successful save payment transactions, Mastercard SecureCode or Verified by Visa are mandatory for your credit card. Please check with your bank, if this technology is enabled on your credit card. If not you need to see with your bank, and they will be able to provide you with your codes. See more details:
After entering your creditcard data a dialog from visa or master card will popup where you have to enter your Visa or Mastercard secure code

After entering your credit card data a dialog from visa or master card will popup where you have to enter your Visa or Mastercard secure code

  • billing information must be correct. We verify name, address and country.
  • make sure you include the CVV2 “security code” printed on your credit card. For American Express, it’s usually a 4-digit code on the front. Other cards usually have a 3-digit code printed on the back (see diagram below).
  • even if you have a card with “no spending limit” some credit card banks start brand new accounts with a low “security limit” (for fraud protection). Call your issuing bank to change that limit.
  • the secure credit card gateway system might be busy at the moment. Try again in a couple of minutes. When the lines are busy, there’s not much we can do to speed that up, but they do eventually clear up.

CVV2 Security Code:
For your added security, we require your card’s security code to authenticate your account.

Make also sure that

  • your internet connection is not blocking Stripe
  • your browser has no plugins installed that interfere the payment flow.

You might try to do a payment transaction from a different browser or machine or internet connection. If you are behind a firewall use your mobile phone (without wi-fi connection) and try it again from there.

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