Cloud server restructuring and IP address changes

With the White Label solution you run the QR Code manager platform of qrd°by under your own sub domain. You have managed this by connecting your domain name with the IP address of our server.

Due to changes in our cloud infrastructure this IP address will stop working from the 13th of May 2016.

To keep your platform up and running under your current sub domain please switch to CNAME-records instead of A-records. The advantage of a CNAME record is that you will never have to worry again if our IP address changes. The CNAME entry automatically routes your sub domain to our server.

If you are not able to create a C-Name record for your root domain please follow this tutorial.

The following tutorial shows you how to change your settings to create a CNAME record.

Remove the A-Record

First you have to remove the A-Record from your DNS Settings by setting it to unused:

Remove the A-record

How to create a CNAME-Record

Under CNAME-Settings of your sub domain add the CNAME-Record This entry links your sub domain to our portal.

Create a C-NAME record
Create a C-NAME record

Depending on your registrar, it may take up to 24 hours until the domain really points to our server. If you experience problems setting a CNAME-Record please contact your hosting partner or registrar.

To check if your CNAME entry was successful, simply do a nslookup for your chosen sub domain and see if the result includes the CNAME URL

nslookup of your sub domain
nslookup of your sub domain


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