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What is a “Custom Shortened URL” in a QR Code?

If you are generating a QR Code, most of the times you want to redirect the user to a website, e.g.: This URL is called the target URL.
If you create a dynamic QR Code, the target URL is shortened by default to a random URL e.g. This is called a shortened URL. With qrd°by you are able to customize such a shortened URL. Instead of 0j6nte you can set a human readable name e.g. speech-steve-jobs. Such URLs are called custom shortened URLs or Vanity URLs.

Custom Shortened URL

Using a custom shortened URL to redirect the user to a video of the speech of Steve Jobs @ Stanford

What is the benefit of a custom shortened URL?

People who are scanning your QR Code will now see when the QR Code is decoded in the scanning app. This will give them a better idea of where the QR Code leads them to. Moreover a shortened URL encoded in a QR Code allows printing the QR Code in a smaller size, since fewer characters are encoded in the QR Code (See also Minimum size of a QR Code). Using shortened URLs also allow you to track who is scanning your QR Codes. So you can measure how succesful a QR Code campaign is performing. Read more about tracking QR Codes.

Custom shortened URL + Custom Domain

With the White Label QR Code Manager you can even set a custom domain for a dynamic QR Code. For example instead of you may use the custom domain my.domain. The QR Code will then have the custom URL http://my.domain/speech-steve-jobs encoded. With a custom domain you can keep your brand and your corporate identity without exposing that you are using our QR Code platform.


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on:


No Ads.
No Host Hostage.
99,95% Uptime.

Today I had a very inspiring phone call with a QR-Code Enthusiast like us. We were talking about possible cooperations and how to merge our assets without getting depended on each other and how to create a win-win situation.

But before we could get into more details there were some concerns about using our QR Code platform which I had to clarify and I want to share with you:

No ADs!

No ADsWhen creating trackable dynamic QR Codes on our platform, it would be technically very easy to show banners or display an ad before redirecting the user to actual landingpage. There are many vendors who use this business model – We don’t! No matter if you are a free or paying customer, you will never see any ads.

Please be aware that many QR Code readers are placing ads directly in the App. Those ads have nothing to do with us!

99,95 Uptime

In theory it could happen that our servers are down and that someone scans a QR Code right in that moment. As a result the user would not be redirect to the original website.
We are constanly monitoring our servers and we are proud to have an uptime>99,95%. In ohter words: the probability that a QR Code redirect gets lost in nirvana is less than 1:13 Million.

TrashYour QR Codes are NEVER deleted by us nor they expire. Whether they are created using a free or paid account – as long as you do not delete the QR code by yourself, they will continue to work. Even if you terminate a premium account after one year, the QR codes continue to be fully functional upon request.

Daily Backups

Our geo-location based tracking system for QR Codes records thousands of datasets every day. A backup of this data is generated every day and stored on a secure location in our datacenter.
If you are a customer who subscribed to one of our plans, your data is always safe. We do not store any sensitive credit card information. This is done by our payment service provider, who is ISO-certified and PCI-DDS compliant. All sensitive communication is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Our servers are cape able to manage thousands of parallel connections. In case it gets even more “busy” our cloud based server infrastructure adds additional computation power and memory depending on the traffic.

Performance Test for our Platform

Read more about our Pagespeed and Performance measurements.

Full control with the White Label Solution

We launched our company 2011 and we are growing :)

In the unlikely case that we shut down one day, all created QR Codes with free, premium or starter plans will not work anymore.

In case you are using our white label platform you will create QR Codes under your domain name. You can always use the backup feature in the account section to get all your QR Code data in CSV format and landingpages in static HTML. You will even find a code snippet for a basic url forwarder there. So you can continue to run your campaigns on different platforms.

Anyhow, thumbs up to all people out there who are already supporting us and give us constant feedback to enhance our platform, so that in the long run we will be the first choice when it comes to creating QR Code campaigns.

Peter Hlavac

Founder & CEO


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on:


QR Code Scan Notification

On your white label qr code platform of qrd°by your customers will always be up-to-date. If a user activates the e-mail notification option for a QR Code, he will instantly receive an e-mail alert as soon as the QR Code is scanned. The e-mail already contains the most important information about where and from which device the QR Code has been scanned, so the user is not required to login to get the statistics. The following screenshot shows you an example notification e-mail. However you can fully customize the notification e-mail using HTML templates in the Branding section.

If e-mail notification is enabled, the user will receive a notification alert as soon a QR Code is scanned.

If e-mail notification is enabled, the user will receive a notification alert as soon a QR Code is scanned.

As the administrator of the white label platform you can activate the global notification feature in the statistics section. Once activated you will receive an e-mail, as soon as any of the QR Codes, your users have created, are scanned.

SMS Alerts

SMS QR Code Scan AlertInstead or in combination with a email notifications you can now also send sms alerts when a QR Code is scanned to the user’s mobile phone. Learn more here:

SMS Alerts on QR Code scan


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on:


QR Code White Label Domain

With the White Label solution you are able to run the QR Code manager platform of qrd°by under your own sub domain. All QR Codes will be encoded with your domain, you can create user accounts under your domain and you can brand the platform with your own logo, name and colors. Users will not see any sign or hint that the service is hosted by

A branded white label instance for a customer with a custom domain

A branded white label instance for a customer with a custom domain

To unlock your White Label instance, just enter your sub domain name (e.g. in the branding section (Hint: A shorter domain name, will create QR Codes that may be printed in a smaller size, since less characters are encoded).

Set your desired domain name in the branding section

Set your desired domain name in the branding section

Make sure that you are the owner of the domain and that you created your chosen sub domain (e.g. qr) at your registrar before. In the created sub domain create a CNAME-Record that points to the URL

It may take up to 24 hours until your CNAME-Record will be published by your registrar to all name servers.

Until your subdomain has not been propagated to all name servers, you will not be able to change the production domain in your account.

How to setup a sub domain and a CNAME-Record

The following figures and tutorials are based on our domain provider Domaindiscount24. He allows almost any RFC conform DNS configuration. You can create unlimited subdomains or wildcard domains and set any TXT or CNAME entry.

In the following figures you see how to create a sub domain qr and set a CNAME-Record for your white label platform.

Caution: do not use ‘www’ as subdomain

In the domain manager select your domain and create a sub domain for it:

Under CNAME-Settings on your created sub domain add the CNAME-Record This entry links your sub domain with our portal.

Create a C-NAME record

Create a CNAME record

How to verify your CName-Record

Depending on your registrar, it may take up to 24 hours until the domain really points to our server. If you experience problems setting a CNAME-Record please contact your hosting partner or registrar.

To check if your CNAME entry was successful, simply do a nslookup for your chosen sub domain and see if the result includes the CNAME URL


You can also use the online web interface to check from different DNS Servers if your CNAME entry has been distributed. Just enter your custom domain in the Hostname window, select CNAME as the type and click on “Dig”. You should see your domain pointing to at the bottom.

Note: Do NOT use A-Records

avoid a-record domain registrar

A-Records are not supported, since we have multiple IP addresses in our cloud for load balancing. The IP for your white label instance might changes over time and therefore make your white label instance unavailable.

Note: Do NOT use a Redirect or Forward


Do not use a forward or redirect. Your domain will not be recognized by our servers.

Note: Do NOT use CNAME Records in the Root Domain

CNAME’ing a root record (e.g. is technically not against RFC, but does have limitations, meaning it is a practice that is not recommended. Normally your root record will have multiple entries (e.g. name servers and an IP address)

Per RFC: If a CNAME record is present at a node, no other data should be present.

We cannot give you support on setting up a root record.

Custom Domain for each User

You can set a global custom domain for your white label platform. However, you can also set a custom domain for each user. This makes sense if you want to brand your platform with your company domain, but you have clients that wish to have their own domains.

Simply click on edit user in the admin section

edit user

And then set a custom domain for the user

custom client domain

I want to change the domain URL of my White Label Account. Will my existing QR Codes continue to work?

Yes. All you have to do is set the production domain of the current user in the user settings to the one you are using right now. e.g.
Then go to the branding section and set your global production domain. The existing QR Codes for the current user will continue to work. Now create a new user and the QR Codes of the new user will have the global domain encoded by default.

SSL Certificate

Once you successfully setup your custom domain, we will add an SSL certificate to your domain within the next 48 hours.

ssl secured custom domain

Our SSL certificates are issued through

Important: some registrars/hosting providers may require to whitelist Certificate Authorities to issue certificates for your domain.

If your certificate is not active 24 hours after you sign up, you will need to create a CAA record on your DNS entries.


  • Type: CAA
  • Flag: 0
  • Tag: issue
  • Value:

More info:

You can also use the online web interface or to check if you have set a CAA-Record.

Unset your Cloudflare Proxy

cloudflare logo

If you are using Cloudflare please un-proxy your custom domain first. Otherwise your C-Name record will not point to our servers. You can do this by going to your DNS-Settings and edit the subdomain. In the example below we use test as subdomain.

Once the subdomain expands click on the orange proxy icon. It will turn gray and the proxy will be disabled. Now you can set the custom domain in your branding section.

cloudflare proxy settings

Setup a Domain with GoDaddy

Setup a domain with Google Domains


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on: