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No Ads.
No Host Hostage.
99,95% Uptime.

Today I had a very inspiring phone call with a QR-Code Enthusiast like us. We were talking about possible cooperations and how to merge our assets without getting depended on each other and how to create a win-win situation.

But before we could get into more details there were some concerns about using our QR Code platform which I had to clarify and I want to share with you:

No ADs!

No ADsWhen creating trackable dynamic QR Codes on our platform, it would be technically very easy to show banners or display an ad before redirecting the user to actual landingpage. There are many vendors who use this business model – We don’t! No matter if you are a free or paying customer, you will never see any ads.

Please be aware that many QR Code readers are placing ads directly in the App. Those ads have nothing to do with us!

99,95 Uptime

In theory it could happen that our servers are down and that someone scans a QR Code right in that moment. As a result the user would not be redirect to the original website.
We are constanly monitoring our servers and we are proud to have an uptime>99,95%. In ohter words: the probability that a QR Code redirect gets lost in nirvana is less than 1:13 Million.

TrashYour QR Codes are NEVER deleted by us nor they expire. Whether they are created using a free or paid account – as long as you do not delete the QR code by yourself, they will continue to work. Even if you terminate a premium account after one year, the QR codes continue to be fully functional upon request.

Daily Backups

Our geo-location based tracking system for QR Codes records thousands of datasets every day. A backup of this data is generated every day and stored on a secure location in our datacenter.
If you are a customer who subscribed to one of our plans, your data is always safe. We do not store any sensitive credit card information. This is done by our payment service provider, who is ISO-certified and PCI-DDS compliant. All sensitive communication is encrypted with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Our servers are cape able to manage thousands of parallel connections. In case it gets even more “busy” our cloud based server infrastructure adds additional computation power and memory depending on the traffic.

Performance Test for our Platform

Read more about our Pagespeed and Performance measurements.

Full control with the White Label Solution

We launched our company 2011 and we are growing :)

In the unlikely case that we shut down one day, all created QR Codes with free, premium or starter plans will not work anymore.

In case you are using our white label platform you will create QR Codes under your domain name. You can always use the backup feature in the account section to get all your QR Code data in CSV format and landingpages in static HTML. You will even find a code snippet for a basic url forwarder there. So you can continue to run your campaigns on different platforms.

Anyhow, thumbs up to all people out there who are already supporting us and give us constant feedback to enhance our platform, so that in the long run we will be the first choice when it comes to creating QR Code campaigns.

Peter Hlavac

Founder & CEO


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on:


QR Code Error Correction

QR Code Error Correction

QR Code Error Correction does not help here anymore. Too much of the code is damaged.

When generating a QR Code, you can choose between different levels of error correction. Error correction helps, that a QR Code stays readable, even if some pixels are missing. Sometimes this is done on purpose when placing a logo in the QR Code, but sometimes the code just gets damaged, like CDs get scratched, but they will be still readable by CD players. There are 4 different levels of QR Code error correction:

  • Level L – up to 7% damage
  • Level M – up to 15% damage
  • Level Q – up to 25% damage
  • Level H – up to 30% damage (recommend for QR Codes with an embedded logo)

The higher the error correction level, the more pixels of the QR Code may be damaged, but the bigger the QR Code gets. The following example shows the QR Code with the encoded URL “” for all four types of error correction levels:

QR Code Correction - Level L QR Code Correction - Level M
Level L 7% Level M 15%
QR Code Correction - Level Q QR Code Correction - Level H
Level Q 25% Level H 30%

As you can see the QR Code with the same URL encoded gets bigger the higher the error correction level is. The QR Code with level L has 25×25 pixel whereas the code with level H is already 29×29 pixel wide.

Designer QR Codes and Error Correction

You can use error correction to create Designer QR Codes. In a designer QR Code you can embed your own logo, brand the code with your own colors or use your own shapes. The logo should be centered in the QR Code and may take up to 30% of the surface when selecting level H for error correction. If you design a QR Code, always make sure that the QR Code stays readable by scanning the code with different devices and QR Code Reader Apps.

Create a Designer QR Code

Designer QR Code using error correction for placing a logo inside the code

Recommended Error Correction Level

We recommend to always use the highest error correction level H for designer QR Codes, so you can maximize the size of your logo in the QR Code. If you just have a black & white QR Code the error correction level L is sufficient.

You can directly jump to our EPS QR Code Generator to create QR Codes with different levels of error correction right away. The editor shows a preview of the QR Code in the selected level.

EPS QR Code Generator with Error Correction


Peter is the founder of the QR Code Platform He is a QR Code enthusiast and consults agencies with his expertise to launch successfull QR Code campaigns. Get in touch with him on: