Affiliate: Set catchall (*) Domain

With the White Label solution you are able to run the QR Code manager platform of qrd°by under your own domain. All QR Codes will be encoded with your domain, you can create user accounts under your domain and you can brand the platform with your own logo, name and colors. Users will not see any sign or hint that the service is hosted by

QR Code White Label Domain

A branded white label instance for a customer with a custom domain

To unlock your White Label instance, just enter the domain name in the branding section (Hint: A shorter domain name, will create QR Codes that may be printed in a smaller size, since less characters are encoded). Make sure that you are the owner of the domain and set the correct A-Name entry pointing to our server’s IP address. You will find the IP to set in the branding section as well. Our administrators will change your given default domain (usually <username> to the new one you provide within 24 hours.


Set your desired domain name in the branding section

How to setup a catchall (*) Domain and the Cname-Record

In the following figure you see how to set a catchall (*) domain and an CName-Record at your registrar’s (e.g. website.

catchall (*) domain

Set the catchall (*) domain

catch-all-domain cname

Set CName-Record for catchall (*) domain

This CName-Record will connect all your subdomains of your domain to our server. Depending on your registrar, it may take up to 24 hours until the domain really points to our server. If you experience problems setting an CName-Record please contact your hosting partner or registrar.

To check if your DNS entry was successful simply ping your chosen domain and see if the CName address of our server is returned.

ping catch all

Pinging your domain will return our CName address, if you correctly set the CName-Record.

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