How to change the URL in a dynamic QR Code

dynamic change target url

A QR code usually has a static URL encoded to which the user is redirected after he has scanned the QR code. In case the target URL is no longer up-to-date or does not exist anymore, you may use a dynamic QR Code instead. 

Change URL without printing the QR Code again

The biggest advantage of a dynamic QR Code is that you can change the target URL without the need to print the QR Code again. The printed QR Code can stay the same only the redirection will change. For instance, if you are using a QR Code to redirect the user to a temporary available voucher, you can change the target URL after the promotion has ended. In this post you will learn how to create a dynamic QR Code and how to change the target URL in a later step.

1. Create a dynamic QR Code

To create a dynamic QR Code just click on Create QR Code from the QR Code or Dashboard section. Then select URL and choose the dynamic option. Enter the target URL. As an option you can set a custom shortened URL. This will be the name that is encoded in the QR Code. Finally click the button Create QR Code.

create a dynamic qr code

Once you have created a dynamic QR Code you will see the code in your account. On the left side the custom shortened URL is shown that redirects to the target URL which is displayed on the right. Optionally you can click on the QR Code and set a custom Designer QR Code.

dynamic designer qr code

2. Edit the target URL

If you have printed the QR Code from above and you decide in a later step to change the target URL simply hover the target URL on the right. You will see that a pencil will occur.

hover target url to edit

Click on the target URL to edit the URL. After you set the new URL simply hit enter or click on the save icon.

save target url of dynamic qr code

If you scan the same QR Code after changing the target URL he will now redirect to the blog instead to the homepage. Optionally you can also change the title of the QR Code the same way you changed the target URL by clicking on the title.

changed target url of a dynamic qr code


With a dynamic QR code, you can change the target URL subsequently. Even if the QR code has already been printed on posters, flyers or in magazines, you can redirect the user after the scan to any landing page, anytime, without having to print the QR code again.

Create a Dynamic QR Code

If you create a dynamic QR Code on our platform he will never expire!


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10 thoughts on “How to change the URL in a dynamic QR Code

  1. Mary

    Can the QR code be programmed to change to a different file at a certain time each day? We are using your QR’s for our restaurant menus and we are manually changing between each meal period.

    Thank you!

  2. Chris

    Hi Peter,

    Is there a way to have the url automatically changed via a trigger of sorts? I’m using a dynamic QR code that on first scan directs users to a registration page, but need it to be changed to another url with the same passing parameters once the user has registered. I know it can be done manually, but this comes with a time delay, user error, as well as it being a manual process.



    1. Jordi Hernández

      Hello Chris,

      Yours seems like a very interesting/smart case. I understand you want to use a QR Code to register the first time it is scanned and to login later on. Is it correct?

      There are a couple of possible solutions depending on the context:

      1 – Are you planning to use the same QR Code for all the users? If this is the case, you should base the business logic on placing a cookie on the users device. You can use our custom landing page solution from our platform.

      2 – Are you planning to use different codes for each user? Then you can use the 1-time QR Codes type that redirect a user to a special URL when scanning a QR Code for the first time. Each subsequent scan will redirect to the default URL. The problem with this approach is that if the user does not register the first time he cannot do it the second time.

      3 – You can also explore our API and webhooks and code a fully custom business logic.

  3. Mike

    I need your help. I have printed a wrong qr code on my materials. Can you redirect it for me if I gave you the qr code?

        1. Jordi Hernández

          Hello Akhila,

          I’m Jordi Hernandez, Professional Services Manager at

          I’m afraid we cannot assist you on Android Studio coding here.

          A QR Code can contain an alphanumeric string that is processed by the App decoding it.

          You will probably need to use a library like to decode the QR Code but once you have the content it’s up to the App what to do with it.

          You can probably define some kind of structure to store different URLs or redirect users to a landing page with the different URLs there.


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