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If you are speaking on a conference and you have reached the end of your presentation you can easily share your documents with your audience, using a PowerPoint QR Code. By scanning the QR code, your listeners will be taken directly to the PowerPoint presentation on their smartphone.

How do I create a PowerPoint QR Code?

If you have not yet put your presentation online, the free cloud solution from Microsoft OneDrive is a suitable solution.

There you have up to 5 GB of storage space – enough for your entire PowerPoint supply.

1. Upload the PowerPoint presentation

First, upload your PowerPoint presentation to the cloud.

select folder onedrive
OneDrive > Upload > Files > Select file… > Upload

2. Activate the sharing option for the file

In the next step, click on Share in the burger menu

share file in onedrive
OneDrive > FILE > … > Share

3. Copy the sharing link

A dialog now opens where you can copy the share link at the bottom left.

set permissions copy sharing link
Set the sharing properties and copy the sharing URL
permissions setting for a file in onedrive
Remember: select who is able to see the presentation and switch the “Allow edit” to off so people scanning the QR Code cannot edit the presentation.

The copied link is quite long, so a dynamic QR code is ideal for linking. A short URL is automatically generated from the long URL and encoded in the QR code. This has the advantage that it has fewer pixels and it is therefore easier to read.

4. Create a QR code

To create a dynamic QR code, create a free account . Now generate a new QR code with the copied URL by clicking on “New QR Code” and pasting it into the first field:

dynamic qr code generator

After you have clicked on “Create QR Code”, the created QR code is now available in your account. You can see how often the QR code was scanned or change the link to another PowerPoint presentation at any time without having to reprint the QR code.

qr code list

5. Design the QR code

In the last step, you can give the QR code an even livelier look. Simply click on the QR code and select a design option. Now you can assign your own colors or color gradients to the code and choose other shapes instead of the square blocks. A logo in the middle of the QR code is also possible. But be careful: Always test the QR code extensively to see whether it is readable. Too many design elements can make the QR code difficult to read and the camera can no longer decode it.

design dynamic qr code

6. Include the QR code in documents

You can now download the QR code in various formats. Vector formats (PDF, SVG or EPS) are well suited for printing, as they can be printed out in any size without becoming pixelated or blurred. The PNG format is well suited for digital documents such as the PowerPoint presentation itself. For example, integrate the QR code on the last page:

powerpoint presentation with qr code

7. Call 2 Action

Never forget to add a call-2-action next to the QR code that explains to the user why he should scan the QR code or where the QR code leads him. A QR code alone does not tempt anyone to scan it if it is not clear what additional value it has ready.

presentation of an audience of a powerpoint qr code

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