Add contact to address book in iOS13

The latest update of Apple to iOS13 brought many new cool features and an improved QR Code Reader

However, the way of adding a contact to the address book became more inconvenient. When you tap the “Add to contact”-Button on a mobile business card until iOS12 it was possible to save the contact to the address book with one tab. Now when Safari detects a vCard it displays the contact, but there is no easy way to get it in your address book. In the following we will show you the 4 steps how to add a business card to your address book.

1. Tap on Add Contact Icon

First you need to tap on the contact icon on the mobile business card on the right bottom.

add vcard to contact on mobile business card

2. Tap on Profile Image

Now the contact will popup and you tab strong on the profile image or the placeholder if no foto exists until a context menu appears.

tab on profile image

3. Create New Contact

In the context menu now tap on “Create New Contact”

iphone context menu create contact

4. Save Contact

Now you can save the contact like on previous versions of iOS13 to your address book by tapping on “Done”

Save Contact on Iphone


Since Apple is changing features and routines in every iOS update, we have sent them feedback to simplify to add to contact option again for a better user experience. Until then iOS13 users will need to follow this tutorial. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The following small video shows you an alternative way how to add a contact in 10 seconds

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