iOS12 QR Code Reader Updates

qr code reader ios12

Since Apple devices with iOS11 can read QR Codes with the internal camera app, there is no need for third-party QR Code Reader apps. With iOS12, further improvements to simplify the decoding of QR codes have been added:

Improved QR Code Reader

The camera now highlights QR codes in the camera view. Thus, the user sees which QR code has been decrypted if several QR codes are visible on the camera screen. The QR Code Reader identifies a QR code with a yellow frame, as shown in the following screenshot:

qr code yellow frame ios12

Access QR Code Reader from the Control Centre

iOS12 allows you to access the QR Code Reader directly from the Control Center.

ios12 control center qr

To do this, under Settings in the Control Center, you must add the option “Scan QR Code”:

control center customise qr code scanning ios12

Thus, you can scan a QR code directly from the Control Center: A swish to open the Control Center – a tab on the QR Code Reader Icon – hold the camera to the QR code and the code is immediately decrypted. In the final step, you need to unlock your device by fingerprint or pin code if the QR code directs you to a web page or performs other actions (e.g. add contact, create meeting, connect Wi-Fi networks, …)

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