Tracking QR Codes with Google Analytics

qr code tracking with google analytics

Our QR Code Tracking platform has detailed tracking capabilities of your QR Code scans like which mobile device has scanned your QR Code where and when. However, sometimes you want to include QR Codes in a bigger marketing campaign with various sources managed in your Google Analytic account.

To integrate the scans of your dynamic QR Codes and Landing pages with your Google Analytic account simple add your GA Tracking ID in your account settings:

Google Analytics Tracking ID

When using the White Label QR Code Manager you can set a GA ID for each user

edit ga for a user

Note: this option is only available in paid subscriptions.


View QR Code Scans in GA

Anytime a QR Code is scanned, it will reflect in your GA statistics.

Google Analytics Statistics

Do Not Use Ad-Blockers

If Ad-Blockers are running on a smartphone, Google-Analytics is blocked and you will not see any tracking data. However, the internal server-sided tracking of will work.

Real-Time Tracking

To see your scan results in real-time set the time range of your statistics to “Today”:

Real-Time QR Code Analytics

Add UTM Parameters to your QR Code

When you create a QR Code, you can add additional Google Campaign parameters like Source, Medium and Campaign name.

Add Google Campaign Parameters to QR Code

Now, a QR Code scan will also add specific campaign parameters to your GA property. In the following example you see the tracking of a QR Code for a campaign with the name “GATest”:

QR Code tracking campaign example

The QR Code tracking in GA works for any dynamic QR Code no matter if you point to your website, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram profile. The UTM parameters will also be added to the target URL if you use a static QR Code.

Demographic characteristics

You will also receive demographic characteristics (age and gender) in your Google Analytics account as well as interests from the users who scan your QR codes.

Demographic characteristics about people who scan your QR Codes

Try out our Premium QR Code Manager 30 days for free (no credit card required) and connect our platform to your Google Analytic properties.

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