Static versus Dynamic QR Codes

The most common QR Code type is a QR Code with an encoded URL. When scanning such a QR code the user is either being linked to your website directly (static QR Code) or he is redirected through a tracking URL to your website (dynamic QR Code). The following example explains the two approaches in more detail:

Static QR Code

The content of a static QR code can NOT be changed and NOT be tracked after creation and you can NOT change a static QR Code into a dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

With a static QR Code the user sees immediately where he is being redirected when scanning the QR Code, because the target URL is directly encoded into the QR Code. But what if for some reason the target URL is broken, removed or you just want to redirect the user to a different URL? If you have printed the QR Code already on thousands of magazines, you have a problem.

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Code tracking

With a dynamic QR Code you are not only able to change the target URL of the QR Code after publishing but also track from where, when and from who the code has been scanned. This is accomplished by routing the user through a tracking server first and then redirect the user to the original URL. The first URL is called the tracking or Vanity URL. In most cases a tiny URL is used, so the QR Code can be printed in a smaller size, because less characters have to be encoded into the QR Code.

Always be careful when using a QR Code tracking service. Some providers route the user through a landing page first, where an ad is displayed before continuing to the target URL. Another risk is if the tracking server goes offline, the dynamic QR Code will not work anymore.

This is why we recommend you to use our fast and secure infrastructure. We do not display any ads and you can create both – static and dynamic QR Codes – for free. Get to know more about our free QR Code Manager or start creating static QR Codes right away:

Create a dynamic QR Code


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6 thoughts on “Static versus Dynamic QR Codes

    1. Peter Post author

      Unfortunately, you cannot change a static QR Code to a dynamic QR Code. Therefore, a static QR Code is called a static QR Code. Once printed a static QR Code can never be changed again. You can only change the target URL of a dynamic QR Code. Please always use dynamic QR Codes to avoid broken QR Codes.

  1. Zelena


    We have a few thousands of qr transactions and would like to check how are we able to export the locations to tally with our google form?

  2. Eamon Wyss

    Hi there,

    I plan to put QR codes on all of my printed photography artwork that should last forever (for as long as the printed art work lasts), so I need to feel safe that the QR code will last for the client who buys it.

    With Dynamic QR codes – you state: “Another risk is if the tracking server goes offline, the dynamic QR Code will not work anymore” Then say: “This is why we recommend you to use our fast and secure infrastructure”.

    If I use Dynamic QR codes from you guys, do I still have the risk the tracking server may go offline and the QR code may not work anymore? How can I feel safe Dynamic QR codes will last the lifetime of a piece of printed art?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Jordi Hernández

      Hello Eamon,

      I’m Jordi Hernandez, Professional Services Manager at

      ​Your questions make sense. We have been in business since 2011.

      ​Here you will find detailed info about our infrastructure and real time status here:

      ​In the unlikely case that qrd°by is shut down one day, all created QR Codes out there will not work anymore.
      ​If you want to have a 100% certainty that this does not happen, you can sign up for white label platform you will create QR Codes under your domain name. You can always use the backup feature in the account section to get all your QR Code data in CSV format and landing pages in static HTML. You will even find a code snippet for a basic url forwarder there. So you can continue to run your campaigns on different platforms.

      That said, we are not planning to go out of business anytime soon since our growth is constant, our platform gets more solid and trusted by more loyal users every day. ;)


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