Get Followers with QR Codes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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An easy way to get more followers for your social networks is to use Social QR Codes. Place them on your folders, your products or in your shopping window to give people the opporiunity to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

Facebook Like and Facebook Pages

With a Facebook QR Code you can either link the user to your Facebook site directly or link to a landing page with a like button included, like shown in the example below.

The magic thing about those QR Codes is that they automatically check, if the Facebook App is installed on the mobile device. If so, the Facebook Page is opened directly in the App. If not, the page will be viewed in the web browser of the mobile device.

Facebook Like
Scan this QR Code to like on facebook
facebook qr code
This QR Code leads to our facebook page

Create Facebook QR Code

However, remember that your QR Codes are less likely to be scanned, if you don’t clearly communicate what happens after scanning the QR Code. Offer an incentive to scan your QR Codes and announce where the QR Code will lead the visitor to. For Example :

Scan this code to like us on Facebook / and benefit from QR Code marketing insights

 Get more Instagram followers

With our QR Code Generator you can different Social QR Codes types. Here are some more examples:

instagram qr code
Create Instagram QR Code

Built your YouTube audience

Link to a video or your YouTube Channel

Twitter Profile and Tweeting

With a Twitter QR Code you can redirect users to your Twitter profile to gain new followers or encode a message in the QR Code that people can tweet after scanning the code.

Twitter QR Code
With a Twitter QR Code you can redirect people to your twitter profile to create more followers
QR Code twitter message
With this QR Code you can tweet the message: Create Social QR Codes with @qrdby #qrcode

Create Twitter QR Code

You can do even more with QR Codes, like send an SMS, start a phone call, write an E-Mail and much more. Learn more about other type of QR Codes here:

Offline QR Codes


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2 thoughts on “Get Followers with QR Codes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  1. Jules Smyth

    Hi Peter, I work for a cellar door winery.
    We would like to have a QR code that contains log in to our Facebook page, Instagram and website. Is this possible with just one code?
    Cheers Jules


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