Hot Designer QR Codes with vectorized EPS Logo

Many QR Code Generators allow to change the colors or embed a logo in a Designer QR Code. However, there are only a few generators that support vectorized .eps image uploads in addition to the standard rasterized formats like .png, .jpg or .gif.

If you print a QR Code in different sizes, the code and the logo will get blurred, pixelated and in the worst case unreadable. With our QR Code Generator you can upload scalable vectorized images in .eps format that will stay crisp no matter in which size they are printed:

Click to download this Hot Designer QR Code as pdf file and zoom in. The QR Code and the logo will stay crisp and clear.

pixelate logo

Non-Vectorized Logos are pixelating when zoomed.


Vectorized Logo will never pixelate at any zooming level




Create EPS logo in Adobe Illustrator

To upload your own EPS logos in a QR Code you have to register for a Premium Account (30-day free trial). Then you have to save your logo in Adobe Illustrator in the eps format (Version < 9).

adobe illustrator cs2 eps version8

Save an EPS file in Adobe Illustrator in Version < 9

In your account select a QR Code and choose the basic QR Code editor on the left and upload your created logo.

select qr code editor



Register Premium Account


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