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Here you can find lots of interesting blog posts about the use of QR codes
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Through the paper crisis with intelligent QR code management

Replace your printed information material with QR Codes: An environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative >> read more

QR Codes in Hotels for a better customer experience

Your guests may scan QR Codes for guest registration, check-in. QR Codes enable instant messaging with reception, allow to send a review or get a digital menu.

Use Cases 09/06/22 8 Minutes
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Public transport tickets via QR Code

The Wiener Linien go digital and offer the option of using a QR Code to buy tickets via an app, view timetables and avoid waiting at the ticket machine.

Use Cases 06/03/22 1 Minute
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QR Code fails

We want to give you a clue on how not to use QR Codes and avoid wasting your budget on senseless activities like pulling a QR Code poster with an airplane.

Use Cases 08/08/22 1 Minute
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QR Codes for Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Hotels

Use QR Codes for digital menus, give away 1-time redeemable vouchers, ask for online reviews, link to lifestyle content, connect to delivery services.

Use Cases 06/03/22 8 Minutes
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Google review QR code - Get reviews on Google with a QR Code

Learn how to create a Google review QR code. Increase your online reputation with Google reviews. Created quickly & easy to share.

Use Cases 07/14/22 4 Minutes
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UX Updates: Inline Edit, QR Code mass management, Tagging and Media

Changelog – March: Inline edit · Folders management · Archive · Tag system via API · Mass and group management · Media section

Product News 06/03/22 1 Minute
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QR Code Trends 2022

Since reading QR codes has been possible with every smartphone, there have been a multitude of trends such as digital vouchers or geo-targeted QR codes.

Product News 06/03/22 5 Minutes
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Live chat with your customers using QR Codes

Technology has boosted efficiency and automatization processes for the last 10 years like it has never happened before.

Use Cases 06/03/22 4 Minutes
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Get your digital invoice with a QR Code at the gas station

Some gas stations offer to create the invoice online. A QR Code, which you can scan after refueling, leads you to the digital invoice.

Use Cases 08/15/22 1 Minute
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6 QR Code Examples

Learn how to use QR Codes skillfully. QR Codes in magazines may redirect to movie trailers, app downloads, business cards and many more possibilities.

Use Cases 08/15/22 2 Minutes
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QR Code campaigns in the German market

Movie trailers via QR Code in TV MEDIA, Hofer traces its products back to the origin with QR Codes, Iglo relies on QR Codes to make spinach taste better

Use Cases 08/15/22 3 Minutes
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QR Codes on Power Poles for Reliable Safety Management

Use QR Codes for quick help in case of emergency. An efficient safety concept from Austrian Power Grid.

Use Cases 08/15/22 4 Minutes
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