Secure your account with two-factor authentication (2FA)

2 Factor Authentication on our accounts

All our paid plans allow you to add a second authentication step on another device to protect your account. Two-factor authentication is available for your Starter, Premium or White Label plan as well as for all sub accounts attached to your main account.

We are aware that preventing an unauthorized access to your account is critical and this is one of the most important features in our latest release.

We encourage all our users to add this second layer of protection, not only on our service, but also in all your critical accounts like E-Mail, social media and other SaaS solutions.

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How to create a PDF QR Code

QR codes are here to make life easier. You and your business can benefit greatly by using QR codes to provide information and direct customers to where they need to go. There are many ways you can use QR codes, for example, presenting a catalogue, an instructions manual or even redirecting to a PDF form, and for all your QR code needs we are here to help guide you.

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Epic guide to create a Designer QR Code

Designer QR Code Editor

Why do you need a designer QR Code?

A simple question like this has a simple answer: to create the right kind of interest in whatever business, event or campaign you’re running. Your goals could be to create a branded code that uses your company logo or has a unique theme. There are so many possibilities and thankfully this is your guide for everything you need to know about creating a stellar, eye catching yet functional QR Code.

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How to change the URL in a dynamic QR Code

dynamic change target url

A QR code usually has a static URL encoded to which the user is redirected after he has scanned the QR code. In case the target URL is no longer up-to-date or does not exist anymore, you may use a dynamic QR Code instead. 

Change URL without printing the QR Code again

The biggest advantage of a dynamic QR Code is that you can change the target URL without the need to print the QR Code again. The printed QR Code can stay the same only the redirection will change. For instance, if you are using a QR Code to redirect the user to a temporary available voucher, you can change the target URL after the promotion has ended. In this post you will learn how to create a dynamic QR Code and how to change the target URL in a later step.

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Facebook QR Code with Deep Link

Facebook QR Code with deep link

If you want to create a QR Code that links to your Facebook page you can copy the URL from the address bar of your browser and paste the URL in a QR Code Generator.

When scanning the QR Code this link will open the Facebook Page in your browser. But what if you have also installed the Facebook App on your Smartphone? Wouldn’t it be cool if the QR Code deep links your fans directly in the App instead of the browser?

This can be done easily using Facebook’s internal QR Code function.

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QR Codes in Hotels for COVID and post-COVID times

hotel qr code front desk

COVID19 has had a great impact on hospitality, travelling and leisure activities worldwide. The need of physical distancing and the limitations that come with preventing the expansion of the disease have forced to rethink many strategies from ground to bottom. From sales to more operational aspects. Regulations vary across countries, but it seems it is going to be a common ground for a while.

The industry has established and reinforced their protocols and it has found in technology an ally to provide a safer environment for their staff, their customers and to keep their business running.

QR Codes are one of these resources. They are becoming ubiquitous and you can find them from the table of a restaurant to the app that gives access to your room.

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Public transport tickets via QR code in Corona times

Vienna public transport map

You know the cumbersome task: you want to get from A to B by public transport. Long study of the line plans, waiting at the ticket machine, entering the route etc.

The public transport system in Vienna has started to offer the option to use a QR code to buy tickets, view timetables and routes and to avoid tedious waiting at the ticket machine.

Since the corona crisis severely disrupts the normal daily routine in its processes this offer has taken on a new and attractive topicality and helps avoiding contact and reduces the risk of infection.

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